October 11


Cover Reveal for PRIDE WARS: The Spinner Prince by Matt Laney

Earth…millions of years from now.

Humans are no more.

A new species of super-evolved felines rules the planet.

A Prince must hide a dangerous and forbidden power he cannot control.

Can he conceal his curse, claim the throne, and protect his realm?

Or will he embrace his power and discover a far greater destiny?


I’m an ordained minister, former martial artist, folklore lover, with a thing for big cats. Naturally, all that would meld one day in a book for young readers. And voila, after three years of scratching out a sentence or two between parenting, sermon writing, ministering, sermon rewriting and getting up before dawn to write, the book appeared.


This first book on the PRIDE WARS series introduces the Singa race: highly-evolved, hyper-rational, war-mongering felines who value science over stories, so much so they’ve outlawed fiction. In other words, it’s form of hell for book nerds like you and me. And so it is for our unlikely hero, cursed with the “fiction affliction” a dreaded disease which causes him to spew fiction without warning. Think biblical prophet caught up in a holy trance speaking words not his own… with fur and a tail.


Being a diseased “Spinner” is tough to hide, especially when you are an awkward thirteen, heir to the throne and sworn to protect the Pride from the dangerous infiltration of fiction. Worse, the enemy beyond the Great Wall is rising up and inside the wall, the realm is being torn apart. Even for a highly evolved feline, it’s a lot to manage.


In addition to telling an engaging adventure story (yeah, that makes me a Spinner too) with memorable characters and more twists and turns than an M. Night Shyamalan film, I hope to introduce readers to the power of folklore and tap into their own sacred imaginations. It’s by no means a “preachy” book, or very religious. But I believe it is a true story. And it’s about all of us.


Matt Laney is an ordained minister with a lifelong interest in world religion, folklore, wisdom traditions, martial arts, and big cats. The Spinner Prince marks his literary debut. Matt lives in West Hartford, Connecticut, with his family.


PRIDE WARS: The Spinner Prince by Matt Laney (March 6, 2018; Ages 10-12)


In a land where slaying beasts is part of life and magic forbidden, an unlikely hero challenges it all to fulfill his destiny—for Bravelands and Warriors fans.


In this animal fantasy series, twelve-year-old Leo is next in line for the throne of Singara. But before he can become king, he must prove his worth in a fight to the death with a slaycon, a scorpion-like monster.

However, killing a slaycon may be the least of Leo’s problems. The Maguar, Singara’s sworn enemy, are rising up, and closer to home, Singara is being torn apart by Leo’s cousin. Even worse, Leo is a Spinner, cursed with a dangerous, forbidden magic.

The future of Singara is in Leo’s hands. Can he hide his curse, claim the throne, and protect his realm? Or will he embrace his power as a gift and discover a far greater destiny?