December 01

Our 6th Nerdversary by Donalyn Miller

“If you give people a good book to talk about, you can build a community out of a diverse group. A common language grows out of it.”
― Nancy Pearl


The Nerdy Book Club blog began on December 1, 2011 with this post announcing the First Annual Nerdy Book Club Awards. Now known as The Nerdies, these yearly people’s choice awards mark another milestone for the blog and its evolution. Colby Sharp and I didn’t have grand, longterm expectations for the blog when we started it. We wanted to celebrate children’s and young adult literature and share ideas for engaging young people with reading. Six years later, we have the same goals. Our motto, “Every reader has value and a voice in our community,” expresses our vision for inclusive, supportive reading communities for all readers–especially children. We believe that reading should be joyful, not painful or boring. We believe that strong learning communities value all members. We believe that readers and writers can move the world.

We appreciate all of you for reading the blog, commenting, and sharing posts with colleagues and friends. We offer a special thanks to everyone who has contributed posts over the past six years. Almost one thousand individuals have reviewed books, created book lists, shared strategies and instructional moves for engaging children with reading, offered tips for raising readers, revealed your writing and research processes, explained your research, explored your reading lives, and described your experiences as authors, illustrators, booksellers, publishers, editors, librarians, teachers, administrators, scholars, families, and readers. Your voices are positively changing reading and reading instruction for kids. You are the reason Nerdy Book Club continues to grow and thrive. We look forward to what the next year brings!


2017 Nerdy Book Club Award Ballot Opens!


In the beginning, Nerdy was a community-driven book award blog, and we still hold the Nerdy Book Club Awards, the Nerdies, each winter. Each year’s list provides an overview of our readers’ most popular recommendations. The Nerdies look like a handpicked children’s bookshelf—a current mix of genres, formats, voices, perspectives, and styles; books with high literary merit and kid appeal; family, librarian, teacher, and kid-tested titles; books you want to own and share.


It is time for the seventh annual Nerdy Book Club Awards. In a sea of end-of-year book lists and awards, the Nerdies honor the new children’s and young adults’ titles that teachers, librarians, authors, booksellers, caretakers, and most of all, young people, have loved reading this year.


You’ve been reading and sharing books all year. What have your reading communities enjoyed?


Here is how the Nerdies work:


The 2017 Nerdies Nomination Ballot is open until December 17th at midnight Eastern Time. Nominate up to 5 books in each of the following categories:

Picture Books: Fiction

Picture Books: Nonfiction

Early Readers/ Chapter Books

Graphic Novels

Poetry and Novels in Verse

MG/YA Nonfiction

Middle Grade Fiction

Young Adult Fiction


You do not need to nominate books in every category or nominate a full slate of 5 nominees. All nominees must have been published in 2017 and written for children or young adults. In order to prevent ballot box stuffing for beloved titles, we have restricted the surveys to one response per computer.


After tallying the ballots, we will announce the 2017 Nerdies list in daily category posts beginning December 26th.


Join us in honoring the books that matter to you and the children you encourage to read. No matter which titles wind up on our final list, the ongoing conversations about these books will benefit every member of our community. Thank you for participating.


Let the Nerdies begin!