The Power of Listening to Stories Together by Tammy Mulligan and Clare Landrigan

Recently, I got the chance to watch Josh Funk host story time at a local bookstore, Newtonville Books.  Fans, young and old, and even shoppers who were there by happenstance, crowded into the tiny backroom of the bookstore to listen to a story together.



As Josh read, I found myself intently listening to the story while also watching the audience.  Readers of all ages were smiling and laughing together.  Some parts of the storyline made the children laugh, while other jokes were intended for the adults in the room.  Nevertheless, “BOOK LOVE” was in the room.


This event made me think about the power of people listening to stories together.  Often, adults come into classrooms to read to students, but how often do students see adults enjoying a good story?  How often do our students see adults’ reactions to stories?  Imagine how BOOK LOVE would travel through the school if periodically the custodian, the librarian, the principal, the nurse, or the school secretary sat down in class during read aloud.  What a message that would send!  Adults who our students admire, finding time in their busy day to enjoy a good story.  We wouldn’t even need words – the experience would send BOOK LOVE across the classroom all on its own.


Thank you, Josh, for inviting us to story time.  Your book and your read aloud warmed my heart.



Don’t miss Josh’s newest book, How to Code a Sand Castle.  It is a book that will resonate with all readers but especially those in K-4 classrooms.  Students who love coding will laugh along with the main character, Pearl, as her instructions cause some unintended consequences.  Other readers will fall in love with Pearl as she uses her knowledge of coding to persevere against the forces that “destroy” sandcastles.  So many readers will smile as they watch Pearl and Pascal on the beach, and think about warm summer days.


Happy Reading, Everyone!


Tammy Mulligan and Clare Landrigan are staff developers who are still teachers at heart. Their newest book, It’s All About the Books, is filled with ways to get more texts into the hands of readers. You can find them on Twitter as @ClareandTammy and online at www.teachersforteachers.netwhere they blog about books and the art of teaching.