September 27


COVER REVEAL: On a Scale of One to Ten by Ceylan Scott

Ceylan Scott, author of On a Scale of One to Ten


When I decided that I wanted to write a book, I was sixteen. I had recently been admitted to a psychiatric ward and overwhelmed with too much time to fill and too many things to say bubbling in my head. I was frustrated with everything I was experiencing: being far from home and the stigma and misconceptions surrounding what I and so many other young people were going through. Tamar was a character whose story had been blossoming in my brain for a long time, and I started to write On a Scale of One to Ten.


Whilst Tamar and the colorful people she meets are fictitious and very separate from my reality, we travelled similar jagged journeys to the start of the recovery that many believe, for a sufferer of Borderline Personality Disorder, to be impossible.


From a personal standpoint, writing On a Scale of One to Ten was a cathartic experience where I could release the intense emotions I was grappling with and make sense of them. I’d like to think that the result is a book that feels real because the feelings Tamar has are real. Real to me, real to other teenagers and real to those who have been touched by mental illness.


It’s so great to see the U.S. cover launch. I’m excited to see the book develop and grow, and with that I hope that the readers will grow too. I wrote On a Scale of One to Ten because it brought strength to me, and I really hope it brings some glimmer of hope, strength and fight to others going through darkness too.


A bonus note from the Scholastic cover designer, Baily:


I enjoyed working on this project as much as I enjoyed reading this incredible book.  On a Scale of One to Ten required a cover as intriguing as Ceylan’s captivating story while remaining respectful of her unflinching honesty. Her words are deeply emotive, poetic, raw and beautiful. I wanted to encompass these qualities while also remaining accessible, and considerate to the reality that a manuscript this dense with hard-hitting subject matter can provide important refuge to so many readers. I hope the design of this cover intrigues those in need to pick it up. And I hope the anonymity of the image will help them relate to Ceylan, and channel her bravery and her perseverance.