November 14


The Other New Girl by L.B. Gschwandtner – A Book Review by Prasanthi Pathiyil

It all started when Susannah Greenwood and Daria McQueen met after a very long time. Seeing Daria in front of her reminded her of the different episodes of her life, which she thought was long forgotten.

Susannah Greenwood started Fox hall Prep School as a sophomore and wanted to be accepted by her peers just like any misplaced teenager. With a Quaker background from her father’s side she let herself explore the religious beliefs she wanted to adopt. In no time she gains respect from her peers and gains trust from her teachers. She also finds time to take care of her love life with Wes, who adores her.

But, her happy teenage life takes a turn one day when Moll, another new girl goes missing after a school dance. She was last said to be seen around Miss Bleaker, a haughty school staff. What happened to Moll? What is Susannah’s role in her disappearance? These are the questions that would be answered when you read the book.

This story is about dealing with boarding school, bullying and developing individuality. It is set in the time when The USA was waging a losing war with the Vietnam.

We all have a tendency to move towards the people who accept us and we keep creating an imaginary world of our own, with the people who adore us. The reality is far from that, but it gives us a purpose to cross this stormy sea called life. The decisions and choices you make as a teenager has the power to either make you or break you.

After reading I started to compare myself with Susannah. Was I mature enough to take a right decision in my teens? I think it’s the way she was brought up. The difference between growing up with or without parents plays an important role in a child’s development. It was really refreshing and nostalgic to read this book The Other New Girl by L. B. Gschwandtner. I take this opportunity to thank the author for sending me a free copy to write an honest review.


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