August 24


Ten Interactive Books to Engage Little Readers by Megan Overman

There is no denying the importance of reading to a child at a very early age, but how do we engage our little readers?  I have spent the past year reading many children’s books to my one-year-old son and the books he loves the most are the ones that get him involved! Below is a short list of my son’s favorites that were given in lieu of cards at his baby shower, discovered in the shelves of our local library, and found while moseying through stores.  These interactive books are sure to grasp your little readers to enhance their reading experience and set them on the path of being lifelong learners!


You are Light 

by Aaron Becker

My son and I read this book as the sun sets through our patio glass doors.  The book is an ode to light and the beautiful things that come from it. As you read, the light enters through the die-cut pages to create a unique effect rarely seen in a children’s book.  You are Light is a Caldecott Honor book and for good reason! 


It’s a Small World:  Guess Who!

 By Lauren Driscoll, Ill:  Nancy Kubo

Babies and toddlers love to look at mirrors! In fact, mirror play is a great way to explore, develop vocabulary, and practice visual tracking.  This book integrates Mylar mirrors within its bold and beautiful illustrations of animals that can be found all across the world. Your child is sure to enjoy seeing themselves amongst the pages of this book!


 Beep Beep Robot:  A Spinning Gears Book

Literacy and STEM—what a great combination! This book contains seven colorful gears that can be spun with your child’s tiny fingers.  The rhymes found within the book only keep the fun going!


Sing Along With Me!  Hey Diddle Diddle

Ill:  Yu-hsuan Huang

  This book has a lot of wear and tear because my son loves it so much.  It is called a “slider board book” because of the ability to maneuver illustrations by sliding pieces embedded in the pages.  The Sing Along With Me! Series has many other slider board books focused on nursery rhymes and songs that children love.  Each comes with a QR code that links a song that you and your child can sing along to while reading the book. 


Pop-Up Peekaboo! Farm 

by Dawn Sirett and Sarah Davis

I often have to read this book at a distance from my son! The pictures look so brilliant and appealing as they pop literally right off the page.  So alluring, that he would love to rip them out of the book! This story brings to life animals on the farm and the sounds they make. In addition, it has an anticipation factor with the pop-ups being hidden behind flaps and doors.


Noisy Farm (My First Touch and Feel Sound Book) 

by Tiger Tales

Children love to touch anything and everything!  This book brings the love of feeling textures and pressing buttons into one experience.  This book series has many different topics, like trucks and baby animals, but we have the farm one!  It is another great text to teach animals, where they can be found, and their sounds.


Never Touch a Dragon! 

By Make Believe Ideas Ltd.

Never Touch a Dragon only invites children to do what they are not supposed to—touch the dragons! This book contains colorful silicone features on charming dragons and catchy rhymes.  If your child falls in love with this book, there are plenty more that include Never Touch a Shark and Never Touch a Monster.


The Not So Scary Hairy Spider 

by Stuart Lynch

This hilarious touch-and-feel book has a great message!  Children will love the rhymes, feeling the textures of each colorful page, and discovering if the Spider ever is allowed into The Water Spout! 


My First Book of Patterns 

by Bobby George

A visual delight for children of all ages as they discover various patterns and how those patterns are created with simple shapes. A well-thought out book that was “Conceived by educators and illustrated in vivid candy-colored hues… [this book] will engage the artistic, mathematical, and linguistic parts of every young child’s mind” (Amazon).  My First Book of Patterns is a great multidiscipline book!


This Little Piggy 

by Cottage Door Press

My son is so entertained by puppets and This Little Piggy includes the cutest little pig finger puppet!  He loves as I read the classic rhyme while wiggling the pig puppet around, especially at the “Wee! Wee! Wee!” part.  If you can’t get enough, Cottage Door Press has many finger puppet books that are sure to enhance any child’s reading experience!


Megan Overman is a sixth grade language arts teacher in East Central Indiana and has been an educator for five years.  Instilling a love for reading and learning is her number one priority when teaching her students. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys being a wife, mother, and dog mom.  Follow her on Twitter: @Megan_Overman