August 27


Cover Reveal for Forever Glimmer Creek by Stacy Hackney

My family has a small cottage in the town of White Stone, Virginia. It’s located on the Rappahannock River in a beautiful area called the Northern Neck.  It’s a place with stunning sunsets, endless water, and the friendliest of neighbors. I go there as often as I can with my husband and sons.


One night, my husband was fishing late into the evening. Suddenly he came racing into the house, urging me to follow him down to the dock. Now I didn’t want to go. I was already in my pajamas, my children were asleep in their beds, and I was well on my way to doing the same. Still, I followed him outside reluctantly, not knowing what to expect.


My husband led me out onto to the dock. Clouds covered the moon in layered shades of gray and black. The only sound was the water lapping against the pilings. The lights from our cottage were pinpricks in the surrounding darkness.


It was at the end of the dock that I saw them. Shimmering, neon green lights glowed in the river and trailed through the water like the tails of a comet. All at once, I whipped right back to my childhood, a time when anything and everything seemed possible. Those lights became the enchanted iridescence of a witch’s potion, the running lights of a spaceship, and the jet spray of power from the end of a wand. In that moment, magic seemed as real as the wood planks under my feet.


We sat on the dock and watched the lights swirl around us for a long time. Finally, they faded into the deep dark of the river.


Of course, I now know the lights were likely bioluminescent plankton that float under the surface of the water and light up when disturbed. That eerie glow is simply another wonderful part of nature. Yet on that night, I wasn’t thinking of science. I was imagining a waterside town called Glimmer Creek where miracles are real and believing in magic doesn’t have to end. This was the beginning of my debut novel, Forever Glimmer Creek.


Forever Glimmer Creek is set in a town where each year, one lucky inhabitant survives danger and bits of magic cling to them for a lifetime. The novel features twelve year-old aspiring filmmaker Rosie Flynn who decides to make a documentary about the town miracles to connect with her absent father and ends up questioning her own beliefs in the process. When someone Rosie loves goes missing, she discovers that the true miracle of Glimmer Creek is much different than she’d always believed. This beautiful cover illustrated by Jen Bricking and art directed by Krista Vossen perfectly captures the town of Glimmer Creek, Rosie and her two best friends, and that feeling of wonder I tried to create in the story itself.


I hope my book inspires readers to look for the everyday miracles in their own lives. Life is often hard and unfair for kids and grown-ups alike. Sometimes we all need the hopeful reminder that there really is magic everywhere, whether it be in the power of kindness, the strength in community, or the miracle that is friendship and love.


As for me, I’m still waiting for the lights to return. I like to imagine them visiting and inspiring other children, both young and old. But wherever they are, I believe I’ll see them again someday just as long as I keep looking.


Stacy Hackney grew up in Virginia where she spent her early years reading everything she could get her hands on and singing in the school choir. She is a graduate of Wake Forest University and the University of Virginia School of Law. Along with her husband, four sons, and their rescue dog named Albert, she currently lives in Richmond. FOREVER GLIMMER CREEK is Stacy’s debut novel. Learn more at



There’s no accounting for Miracles, at least that’s what the folks of Glimmer Creek say. Every year, one lucky inhabitant survives danger, and bits of magic cling to them for a lifetime.

Rosie Flynn doesn’t know how to get a Miracle but knows for sure they’re real. It’s the same way she’s certain she’ll always have her two best friends, Henry and Cam, that she’ll be a famous film director someday, and that she and her Mama are the perfect team of two.

But when someone Rosie loves goes missing, she just might discover that the true Miracle of Glimmer Creek is much different than she’d always believed and that the relationships she holds dear are the most fortunate gift of all.