A Poem from Sophia Thakur



For yourself you must

Never run out of it

Never start doubting it

Never lose reason

or hope in how powerful

it is when you devour it

when you empower it

When you write it down

and decide to stop cowering

away from the promise

that has always lived inside

that asks you to love yourself

till you come alive.

The best you is the rested you

and then comes the restless you


that simply cannot wait

to find the self love,

and believe in yourself again.



A Q&A with Sophia Thakur


Did you write poetry in school?


I did. Lots of it. Perhaps even more than I do now. I guess there were just so many new emotions growing between those teenage years. From discovering my passions, to making new friends, to my first crush and consequently my first heartbreak. Everything felt so much more potent and raw back then. I don’t know what I would’ve done with all the feels, had I not written poetry.


Is there anything you’d like to tell a young poet?

It’s cliché, I know…but you have to keep finding the stories. Remain a sponge. Remain sensitive and impressionable. The stories have to happen and you have to feel them to write about them. So, I’d say, let yourself feel. Protect your heart when you must, but let life happen to it, and then write about it.


How do you think adults can help support young poets?

I think the luxury of age is hindsight. With each year that passes, we become the fruit of everything that happened to us other time. So as adults, you know more about how our hearts arrive at certain places. So, I’d say, ask the young poets to unpick their journeys into that thought, that mindset, that character trait, that belief system. Ask the young poets how their parents’ relationship has impacted their ideas on love. Ask them about the God they believe in. Writing is simply unpicking, and I believe it to be the role of adults to lead the young back into themselves to pull out their journey.


Sophia Thakur has been performing since the age of sixteen and has a wide reach across social media. She has presented two TED Talks and has worked closely with young people, sharing her poems and the creative process. This is her first published collection. She lives in Middlesex, England.