September 12


Fun Facts from a Paleontologist! by Dr. Dean Lomax

Dr. Dean Lomax shares some facts from his new pop-up book Prehistoric Pets.

Did you know…

1. …that Velociraptor is more closely related to living birds than to dinosaurs like Triceratops? That’s because birds are dinosaurs!

2. …that Tyrannosaurus rex lived closer in geological time to humans than it did to Stegosaurus?

3. …that the largest snake that ever lived was longer than a school bus? Called Titanoboa, this giant snake has only been found in Colombia, South America.

4. …that the very first dinosaur discovered anywhere in the world was found in an underground mine in Oxfordshire? It was named Megalosaurus in 1824.

5. …that the famous saber-toothed cat, Smilodon, is a distant relative of modern house cats?

6. …that the largest extinct dog was as big as a grizzly bear and as heavy as a lion? This top dog is called Epicyon and lived over 5 million years ago in North America.

7. …that the earliest fossil horses were the size of house cats? Unlike modern horses, these tiny horses also had multiple toes.

Take a peek at all of these fascinating creatures inside Prehistoric Pets here:

Dean_Lomax_2Dr. Dean Lomax is an internationally recognized and award-winning paleontologist, presenter, and author. He has traveled the globe excavating dinosaurs and has described several new species of prehistoric reptile. He lives in the UK.