September 30


Ten Books To Encourage Your Reluctant Reader by Laurel Solorzano

A Good Kind of Trouble by Lisa Moore Ramee

Shayla faces the typical struggles any middle schooler faces today, but most of all, she’s eager to stay out of trouble. Black Lives Matter seems like a dangerous movement for her to join as it seems to divide everyone at school, but she must decide if it’s worth fighting for. This book gives kids the chance to see a positive example of fighting for their rights while giving them a story they can’t put down.

The Land of Fake Believe by Laurel Solorzano

Two kids find out that fairy tale characters are real, and the evil ones are trying to take over the Happily Ever After parks. They join in the fight to save the good Ever Afters while learning that not all the fairy tale stories they know are true. This book is an action-packed story to get reluctant readers excited about finding out what happens next.

El Deafo by Cece Bell

This graphic novel exposes the difficulties Cece navigates being deaf in a world where most people take hearing for granted. Not only does this book give you and your child a chance to discuss disabilities in others, but the artwork also brings the story to life in a way that will keep your child reading.

What Lane? By Torrey Maldonado

This novel sparks conversation about racism and making tough decisions. Not only does this book deal with some serious topics, but it gives students a modern character to connect with as they navigate these questions. Using dialect to lend the book local color, this can become a book your child both learns from and enjoys.

Stir It Up by Ramin Ganeshram

This book is for kids who are interested in the kitchen. If they like cooking, the mouth-watering recipes included in the story will pique their interest. However, not only does this story provide a look into a mixed-race girl’s life, it also tells readers a secret about her life, a secret she must keep from her family.

Harley James and the Mystery of the Mayan Kings by Leah Cupps

Harley and Aly will help your child solve the mystery of the Mayan kings in a page-turner they won’t be able to put down. This story is reminiscent of Indiana Jones type adventures and provides your child with an exciting series to pursue if they enjoy the first book.

The Book of Chaos by Jessica Renwick

This fantasy novel might be a bit scary for some readers, but “scary” is just what others need to keep them interested in the topic. Fable and her cousin go on an adventure inside the pages of a book, just as your child will be able to experience an adventure through reading the book. With three more books in the series, this book will give your child the chance to really fall in love with the characters.

Hook’s Daughter by R.V. Bowman

Readers as young as six and seven years old have enjoyed this book because of the adventure that awaits within its pages. This book also provides plenty of conversation opportunities about how not everyone is just “good” or “bad.” Readers who start this book want to read all three!

Puzzled by P.J. Nichols

This book provides your child with an adventure to follow as they try to solve the mystery. Not only does this book provide a fun reading experience, but it also gives your child puzzles and clues to solve along the way, almost like they are playing a game as they go through the story.

11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass

This is a book that your child will want to read more than once. A touch of magic in the real world provides two best friends with the opportunity to relive their birthdays again and again. . . until they get it right. 

At least one of the books on this list should provide your child with an exciting read that they can’t put down!


Children’s book author Laurel Solorzano has been creating stories since she first learned how to write, completing her first full-length novel while in middle school. Her love for fairy tales is what inspired her to write The Land of Fake Believe, a twisted fairy tale for middle-grade readers about the real lives of amusement park characters and the siblings who uncover this incredible truth. A Spanish and English teacher from North Carolina, Laurel enjoys reading and spending time with her two dogs.