March 09

The Books My Fifth Graders are Reading as we Beg for Spring by Colby Sharp

Hey, Nerdy friends! It has been a minute since I checked in the on the blog to share the books my fifth graders are reading. We’ve had a bit of an interesting last few weeks here in Michigan. We had a very late arriving winter, and now that it is here, it doesn’t seem to want to leave! We had an epic ice storm a couple of weeks ago that caused all the schools in my county to close for 3 days, and we are expecting another storm at the end of this week. I’m not sure what the groundhog predicted, but I don’t think it was this!

During these weird times, my fifth graders have continued to grow as reader. Hanging out with them each day talking about books never gets old. In the video below, I share the books that they are currently reading. They are reading so many AMAZING books!

Colby Sharp is a husband and father of five. He teaches fifth grade in Parma, Michigan. Colby is the co-founder of Nerdy Book Club. He co-hosts The Yarn podcast with Travis Jonker. Colby co-authored Game Changer! Book Access for All Kid with Donalyn Miller, and he is the editor of The Creativity Project: An Awesometastic Story Collection. His latest book, with Donalyn Miller, A Commonsense Guide to Your Classroom Library is now available.