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May 20

Ten Types of Books That Are Hooking My MOST Reluctant Readers by Wendy Gassaway

I teach reading to middle schoolers who read two or more years below grade level.  I am a fierce believer in the power of reading workshop and choice, but I continue to struggle with a sizable minority of students who Won’t. Read. ANYTHING.  I feel like I offer a wide range of material, and I’m […]

September 09

Mountains to Mohammad: Visiting Authors by Wendy Falconer Gassaway

I’ve always loved the idea of author visits, but had no real idea how to make that happen.  Then two years ago Kathleen Houck, author of The Tiger Saga, offered to come to my middle school, where her nephew happened to attend.  We were all blown away by how engaging her talk was, how many […]

December 05

Ten Realizations I’ve Had or Remembered while Reading Aloud to Middle Schoolers this Year by Wendy Falconer Gassaway

My school has gotten away from the whole-class novel study in recent years, but I still wanted to read aloud to my 7th and 8th grade intervention classes, simply for the joy of sharing a good book.  I pulled a bunch of great titles off the shelf and had each class vote on which one […]

September 14

Bridging the Gap: How a Bookworm Learned to Teach Kids Who “Hate Reading” by Wendy Falconer Gassaway

Reading has always been my number one favorite thing to do.  This makes me, frankly, a little weird to many of my students.  However, it turns out that my passion for reading, rather than separating me from my students, is my greatest tool for reaching out to them.   Growing up, I was a read […]

August 15

Oregon, My Oregon: 10 Fantastic YA Books Set or Written in the Beaver State by Wendy Gassaway

I love how reading takes you places you’ve never been.  But I also love reading something that I connect to.  One way to connect is by reading a book set in your area, or even a book written by a local author.  My students feel the same way.  Here are ten books that make me […]

July 11

We Are Family: 10 Picture Books About Adoption by Wendy Falconer Gassaway

One of my greatest joys as a parent is reading aloud to my children. The way they lean into me as they look at the pictures, the surprise, laughter, or wonder we share as a story unfolds–it’s blissful, which is not something you can always say about parenting.  My kids, adopted at 6 and 8 […]