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May 16

Finding Our Way Back to Reading Joy: The 13th Annual #Bookaday Challenge by Donalyn Miller

How’s it going? A vast question often impossible to answer these days, I know. The pandemic lingers. The school year limps to an end. Teachers, caregivers, and kids are exhausted. In many families, the fear of COVID-19 remains because of their unvaccinated children or health-fragile family members. In Asian American communities, fear of racist harassment […]

January 02

The 2020 Nerdy Book Club Awards: Young Adult Literature (Day One) Announced by a Convention of Nerds

2020 was a year like no other—the global COVID-19 pandemic has altered every aspect of American life, including dramatic shifts in how young people attend school and teachers and librarians serve their communities. Access to books and technology remains a pressing concern in many places and educators and families must work together to provide young […]

May 26

Happy Book Birthday to Hello from Renn Lake by Michele Weber Hurwitz

Over the past few months, as we’ve all navigated the “new normal” (although there’s nothing normal about this), you’ve probably seen countless memes, videos, anecdotes, and words of hope, sorrow, and humor posted online. I admit the amount of virtual chatter has been a little overwhelming, but one post stuck in my mind – meant […]

March 22

Reading or Not, Here We Go: A Social Distancing #Bookaday Challenge by Donalyn Miller

“The world is indeed full of peril and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps greater.” —J.R.R. Tolkien   If you asked me three months ago what I would do if the world […]

June 02

The 11th Annual #Bookaday Challenge

Like all readers, my reading life ebbs and flows. For every week I stay up until 2 am to finish Tomi Adeyemi’s 544-page epic fantasy tome, Children of Blood and Bone, I can point to weeks where I read almost nothing, but emails and Facebook posts. We don’t commit to reading once, we recommit every […]

May 14

What I Learned from Reviewing a Book Every Day for Three Years by Janet Dawson

“I’m thinking of starting a blog where I’ll review a new children’s book every day,” I mentioned to a colleague.  She kind of chuckled and shook her head, clearly unconvinced that this was possible. Was she right? Why would I…or anyone…want to set myself up to have to read and review a book every day? […]

April 11

Students Choosing Birthday Books by Leah Gannon

I am a primary school librarian serving students from 4K-2nd grade.  Our school library has a Birthday Book Club. On his/her birthday, each child gets to choose a brand new book free of charge.  Students who have summer birthdays may select a book the last week of school. I can’t take credit for the idea, […]

March 04

Showering Students with Short Texts—Top 10 Poetry Books For Any Day, Not Just a Rainy Day in April by Dionna N. Roberts

In honor of February being the shortest month of the year, I would like to dedicate this top ten list to poetry—one of my favorite forms of short text. Short texts are sure to engage and inspire readers of all ages. There’s something about rhythm and rhyme that engages young people and causes them to […]

September 09

10 Books for the Jewish Fall Holidays by Stacey Shubitz

  Some people think Chanukah is the most important Jewish holiday since it is typically celebrated in December. Many Jewish children deem it significant since they receive presents, often one on each of Chanukah’s eight nights, on this holiday. Now that I’m a fully-grown person (who doesn’t give or receive gifts on every night of […]

July 03

#classroombookaday & The Power of Shared (Picture Book) Stories by Jillian Heise

It started with inspiration from Donalyn Miller, as many great things do. It started three years ago with a few extra minutes of class time, and thinking about how best to use them. It started with lamenting that I wasn’t sharing enough picture books with my students, and their request for more. It started with […]