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The Center of Everything by Linda Urban – A Not-Quite-a-Review by Kate Messner

When Colby invited me to review Linda Urban’s The Center of Everything for the Nerdy Book Club, I jumped at the opportunity. But then I got thinking…I’m not really going to review this book. I’m simply going to recommend that you read it and share it far and wide because it is that kind of […]

March 22


  ABOUT THE BOOK: Beatrice Zinker, Upside Down Thinker is the first book in an illustrated chapter book series about a third grader who does her best thinking upside down. It publishes from Disney-Hyperion on Septempter 19th, and is currently available for pre-order.    SHELLEY JOHANNES is an author/illustrator who spent ten years in architecture—where […]

June 11

Ten YA Books That Will Make You Laugh, Cry and Everything In Between by Naomi Bates

Books can be a powerful emotional vehicle.  Anger, passion, joy, deep dislike, humor, pain…those are just some emotions young adult books and authors can pull from you.  One minute you’re fine, the next you’re bawling in front of an audience (only if you read in public, that is).  As a book lover and reader, I […]

May 23

Top 10 Authors My Students Read Everything By – by Shana Karnes

Every year around October, I find a few students in my 11th-grade classroom whose to-read lists are depressingly barren.  Despite the fact that by that time I’ve booktalked nearly 100 books, I begin to despair when I can’t help them fill that list and make a reading plan.   And then, every year, I find […]

Everything Old Is New Again by Donalyn Miller

For the first time since school ended in June, I opened my classroom door today. I admit that I become more lax about getting my classroom ready with each subsequent year. I have put my classroom together for so long, that I no longer panic about whether or not it is perfect. I know we […]

April 28

I Can Do It Myself by Linda Urban

Years ago, when my son was a preschooler, I watched one of his classmates struggling to put on the many layers of snow gear that can sometimes be required for a Vermont recess. His mom hurried over to help him remove his leg from the armhole of his parka. “I can do it myself!” said […]

June 18

The Meaning of Maggie by Megan Jean Sovern – Review by Linda Urban

beep beep beep My dad won’t stop beeping. If the opening lines of Megan Jean Sovern’s The Meaning of Maggie are just a tiny bit disorienting, then great, because that puts you on equal footing with our narrator, Maggie Mayfield, who will spend the rest of this smart, funny, emotionally honest novel trying to put […]

2013 Nerdy Book Awards

What began as a list of 93 nominated books in 8 categories  has now been voted on to give us these chosen titles for the following categories. Please note that the category titles contain links to the announcement posts. (Categories that have not had winners announced yet will still have nominees listed.) Picture Book Fiction Battle Bunny by Jon […]

Our 2nd Nerdversary and The 2013 Nerdy Award Finalists

The Nerdy Book Club began as a confessional hashtag (#nerdybookclub) among book lovers, but it evolved into much more when Colby Sharp and I started this blog two years ago today. Dissatisfied with annual best book lists that didn’t include the books our students loved to read, we decided to start our own book awards, the […]

That Crazy Book Lady by Hope Gregory

“Oh man, we got that crazy book lady.” This was one of the first statements I heard as my new crew of 5th graders made their way into my hive. Ha! I love that I’m known as the crazy book lady because…well…it is so true! I’m that person that sits in a drive thru and […]