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February 11

Twofers: Top Ten Titles about Twins for Teens and Tweens by Maggie Bokelman

Twins—especially identical twins—have a certain mystique about them. In her book Two, or the Book of Twins & Doubles, children’s author Penelope Farmer, a twin herself, argues that our society’s fascination with twins reflects deeply rooted yet conflicting desires.  On the one hand, we yearn to be unique and special, and the existence of identical […]

May 06

“E” is for “Entertaining” and “Educational”: Ten Picture Book Biographies Tweens, Teens, and Teachers Will Love! by Maggie Bokelman

Even though the “E” on a picture book spine stands for “Everybody,” sometimes it’s mistaken for “Easy.” That’s unfortunate, because many picture books are complex and thought-provoking. In their 2009 book, Teaching Literary Elements with Picture Books, Susan Van Zile and Mary Napoli write, “A majority of current picture books are particularly geared for adolescents.” […]


It pains me sometimes, but the music that colored my adolescent experience is now played on the Oldies but Goodies stations on the radio. It still does not deter me, though, from singing along at the top of my lungs much to the dismay of anyone else in the car.  I love revisiting old songs; […]

April 08

Donating Character-Developing, Idea-Generating, World-Building Books: The Beginning by Rhonda McCormack

In the mid-1970s, my older sister convinced my parents to buy me a monthly subscription to the Dr. Seuss Beginning Reader club. When a book arrived, we’d crack the spine and turn the pages, lingering over the rhymes, humor, and art. As the 70s gave way to the 80s, my sister invited me to read […]

March 28

Can A Place in the Heart Find a Place on the Shelves? by Joanne O’Sullivan

Like every aspiring fiction writer, I spent a lot of time reading advice articles as I sought to break into the field. I compulsively read the Publishers Weekly rights report to find out what was selling. I absorbed and extrapolated from articles on trends in children’s lit. “Go to a bookstore and see what they […]

Creature Comforts and A Boy Called Bat by Elana K. Arnold

I was seven years old when my heart was broken for the first time, by a girl named Nona who didn’t want to be my friend anymore because I was “weird.” It was my cat Sabrina who absorbed my tears in her thick black pelt, who purred and licked and butted me with her head […]

January 28

​Ten Books About Climate Change by Nancy Castaldo 

One of the most important issues our world faces today is climate change. Scientists across the globe agree that our planet is in the throes of a dramatic change. As our Earth warms, every organism on the planet from insects to plants, from polar bears to humans are impacted. Here is a list of books […]

November 08


“So how did you two end up together?”   It’s a favorite question of mine when I get to know a new couple. Maybe it’s the romantic in me or maybe it’s the writer, but I love to hear the stories.   My best friend set us up—she said we were both so impossible we […]

June 29

A Boy Called Bat Cover Reveal by Elana K. Arnold

The first character I remember loving was a little girl with straight brown hair who lived on Klickitat Street. I loved that she was stubborn and imperfect. I loved the way she saw the world from the particular angle that only she, Ramona Quimby, occupied in her family, her school and her community. As I […]

April 10

Over My Head: Falling in Love with Shakespeare as a Kid by Jacqueline West

When I was in middle school, my grandpa gave me an old family copy of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare. It had belonged to my Great-Great-Uncle Harold—more commonly known as Weird Uncle Harold. (Harold had unpleasant political ideas, a penchant for chewing cloves of raw garlic, and the habit of wandering away from family […]