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December 30

The 2017 Nerdies: Graphic Novels Announced by Katherine Sokolowski

It’s the most wonderful time of the year once again. Time to drain your pocketbooks, fire up that library card, and add to your to-read lists. I love waiting to see all of the amazing lists that come out of your votes for the Nerdies. Every year I’ve waited with excitement for the winning list […]

December 09

Top Ten Graphic Novels for Readers Who Don’t Like Graphic Novels by Amy Estersohn

Graphic novels are a chronically misunderstood kind of book.  When I tell people I specialize in graphic novel reviews, they immediately assume I’m a ComicCon-attending superhero fiend (uh, not really).   Or they assume that I focus on graphic novels because I give them out only to my striving readers (no, no, no, no, no).   […]

December 30


The Nerdy Book Club Awards are a time of great excitement and great expense. I look forward to these awards each year, but also fear for my credit card bill by the end of them. Just getting this list for the graphic novel winners shortly before Christmas was wallet draining. There were several books I […]

December 29

The 2015 Nerdies: Graphic Novel Winners Announced by Katherine Sokolowski

Graphic novels are the single most circulated section in our classroom library. My students cannot get enough of them. When we made our stacks to take home for break, kids were taking the entire series of Lunch Lady, Amulet, Bone, or Babymouse. Students shouted across the room to other students to make sure they grabbed […]

September 24

Top 10 Reasons to Join Us in our October Graphic Novel Celebration!

Are your graphic novel book bins always empty?  Are your students begging you for more titles?  Are you always looking for new graphic novel titles?   Do you use them in the classroom to teach craft, structure and comprehension?  Do you love the energy they bring to the classroom?  If so, this event is for you! […]

May 29

Girls and Graphic Novels by Emily Meixner

My eight-year-old niece loves graphic novels.  She ingests them voraciously, and when I saw her during the winter holidays, ninety percent of that time she was reading.  Truth be told, I didn’t actually see her all that much – I just saw her fingers and the top of her head.  That’s her in the photo […]

December 30


I am honored to be writing about the graphic novel winners for the Nerdy Book Club awards again this year. See, if you came to visit my classroom you would find a welcoming place—some comfortable old furniture, tables scattered around, and bookshelves encircling the room. We have a lot of books – over 3,000 – […]

The 2013 Graphic Novel Winners Announced by Katherine Sokolowski

I’m so excited to share with you the winners of the third annual Nerdy Book Club awards. Each year I’ve written up the post for the winners in the Graphic Novel category and I will continue to do so as long as I can coerce Donalyn, Cindy, and Colby to let me. One reason that […]

We Love Graphic Novels! by Jordan and Jen Vincent

Being a parent isn’t always easy. Even though there are lots of books out there about parenting, kids don’t come with a manual. So much of parenting is trying something and seeing how it goes; reflecting and refining going forward. When I had kids, I remember hoping that I could help them love reading. I […]

Pay it Forward: Using Graphic Novels in the Classroom by Mary Catherine Miller

This week, I taught Shaun Tan’s The Arrival to my undergraduate students.  I’m currently working on an article with a few colleagues in which we’re analyzing ways to teach social justice by incorporating graphic novels into our classrooms.  My colleagues have taught The Arrival in K-12 classrooms and I’ve had the unique experience of teaching […]