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February 18

On a Clear Day, You Can See the Truth by Gail Shepherd

It’s a particularly important time for kids to be thinking about what qualifies as the truth.   A big part of growing up is learning to grapple with how we know what we know, and to learn to filter the noise, the confusing and sometimes misleading babble, the constant flow of information. I wrote The […]

February 12

Inspiration for Letters from Cuba by Ruth Behar

Though my new middle-grade novel takes place in the Cuban countryside in the late 1930s, Letters from Cuba is my heart’s response to the current news of deportations, immigrant travel bans, and international refugee crises. How, I wondered, could I talk back to the cruel anti-immigrant climate of our era? It occurred to me that […]

February 11

GO TELL IT! by Andrea Davis Pinkney

“Right here, I’m sharing the honest-to-goodness.”— Loretta “I’m gon’ reach back. Tell how it all went. I’m gon’ speak on it. My way.” — Roly Folks claim I got more nerve than a bad tooth. But there’s nothing bad about being bold! —Aggie B.   It’s time to pull up a chair. Sit on down. […]

February 05

In Their Hearts, Dogs Can Read by Carlie Sorosiak

The first time I read an entire book aloud, it was to a German shorthaired pointer named Sally. She had the softest ears, the wiggliest butt, and man, was she fast. I used to watch her from my swing-set, tearing mad circles around our neighbor’s yard.   I was a quiet kid. And in Charlotte, […]

February 04

On Writing Books for Real Kids…and Telling the Truth by Kate Messner

There’s a lot going on in the novels I write for kids.  The Seventh Wish is a fairy tale reimagining about wish-granting fish, Irish dancing, science fair projects, and the impact that opioid addiction can have on a family.  Breakout is about a prison break, journalism, relay races, privilege, perspective, and poetry. It also includes […]

January 31

The Magic of Empowerment by Anna Meriano

Wow. I am so lucky to be back on the Nerdy Book Club blog, and so lucky to be putting out the third and final book in the Love Sugar Magic Trilogy. I have to start with that because the last several months have been trying their hardest to make me feel down on my […]

January 30

Autistic Characters, Infinite Possibilities by Sarah Kapit

I didn’t know I was autistic as a kid. But I knew that I was a reader. I was the kid who brought five books along on a day-long visit with my grandparents, just to make sure that I didn’t run out. Oftentimes, I’d read on a bench somewhere while other kids my age ran […]

January 29

The Inspiration for Where the World Ends by Geraldine McCaughrean

What inspired you to write this book? My daughter had the good fortune to visit St Kilda on a day when conditions allowed a landing ashore.  She had read many books about the place.  We had both read about it in Judith Schalansky’s Atlas of Remote Islands. Being an actress, she had been moved to […]

January 27

A Book About a Book: Alice by Heart by Steven Sater

For a long time, books were my everything.  To be fair, I had a rather unusual childhood.  Bedridden due to respiratory ailments, I was regularly shuffled from home to the hospital, and was rarely allowed out — rarely even attended school.  But my mother, who’d returned to college to complete her degree, used to read […]

January 24


When I was five years old, my grandfather mailed me my first set of baseball cards. I remember sitting on the floor of my parents’ apartment in New Jersey, sorting the cards in different ways – one day by team, the next by color. And my parents tell me I learned to read by devouring […]