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March 31

Within the Library Walls by Beth Kephart

The coil chains of the backyard swing sang along with me: “Kum Ba Yah.” “Chim Chim Cher-ee.” That answer that was blowing in the wind. Singing and swinging, swinging and singing, I brushed the billowed clouds with the soles of my sneakered feet. I soared above the treetops. I flew higher than the birds.   […]

March 28

Ten Picture Books to Change Your Reading Life by Angie Moore

I would never have thought five or six years ago that picture books would become such an essential part of my reading life. But my life changed four years ago when I decided to go back to college to get my teaching degree. I love to read, but with all of the additional schoolwork I […]

March 27

Nonfiction Man, Episode 2 by Anna and Steve Sheinkin

If it’s humanly possibly I appreciate teachers and librarians more than ever, now that I’m home all day with a fifth and an eighth grader. Well, at least my middle school daughter and I have a little more time to draw Nonfiction Man comics, our new series about a struggling superhero who sets out to […]

March 26

The Hidden Life of Aesop’s Fables by Ian Lendler

The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg The Lion and the Mouse The Town Mouse and the Country I’m sure that just by reading these titles, you could tell me the basic story, and even their moral. We all can. These are some of the better known of Aesop’s Fables. All around the planet, Aesop’s […]

March 25

Shining Our Light Into the Darkness by Christina Soontornvat

When I tell people that my new novel, A WISH IN THE DARK, is a middle grade twist on Les Miserablés set in a magical Thai-inspired world, I often get looks of genuine surprise. I understand their reactions – it’s not the most expected mash-up in the world. But looking back at how the book […]

March 24

Illustrating The Next President – Author Kate Messner Interviews Illustrator Adam Rex

Hi, Adam! Thanks so much for making time to chat with me about the art for our book, THE NEXT PRESIDENT: THE UNEXPECTED BEGINNINGS AND UNWRITTEN FUTURE OF AMERICA’S PRESIDENTS.     Because you’re an author as well as an illustrator, I know you can relate to that feeling of opening up the email with […]

March 23

Two Heads Are Better than One: How Author Collaboration Works? by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan

We have collaborated on fourteen nonfiction books together.  People always ask “How does it work?” Our more controlling writer friends say they wouldn’t want to have to compromise or worse give in, or even worse divide the royalties in half.  Sometimes we agree to disagree, to table a conflict and get back to it later. […]

March 21

An Invitation to a Community Poetry Project by Laura Shovan

Dear Educators and Parents, I am putting together a community poetry project for kids. Adults can play along too. For several years, I have run an annual poetry writing project. For one month, participants receive a daily writing prompt related to a theme. (In 2014 we wrote in response to Pantone paint colors; in 2019 […]

March 20

Ten Years of Authors for Earth Day! by Nancy Castaldo

Since 2010 Authors for Earth Day has been “supporting literacy through conservation” in schools throughout the United States, and Canada, Australia, and Israel. It was founded by Brooke Bessesen with the mission to “inspire young readers to use their power of VOICE, both as voters and as writers, and to help them shape their future […]

March 19

The Whatifs Cover Reveal Q&A with Author Emily Kilgore and Illustrator Zoe Persico

Hi! We are so excited to share some behind-the-scenes information about our upcoming picture book, The Whatifs. Thanks for hosting us, Nerdy Book Club!  How did you come up with the idea for The Whatifs?   Emily: The idea first appeared in my second grade classroom back in 2013. My students and I were getting […]