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History’s Unsung Heroes + A Three-Book Bundle Giveaway by Keila V. Dawson

Kids know about heroes. They are introduced to superheroes at a very young age, play with superhero toys, and imagine themselves saving the world. In school, students learn about history’s real life heroes. They read books that use the narrative structure of the hero’s journey. Plot is used to teach cause and effect. And they […]

January 14

5 Important Life Lessons From A Man From A Sh*thole Country by Doyin Richards

ΩI’ll start by saying that my dad will always be my hero and greatest role model. Sadly, he passed away in early 2019 after a long battle with colon cancer, and my life will never be the same without him. To celebrate his legacy, I penned my latest children’s book titled, WATCH ME: A Story […]

January 11

Cover Reveal for OVER THE TOP by Alison Hughes

I encounter a centaur regularly on one of my bike-riding routes, and I think he’s at least partially responsible for me writing this book.   He’s a statue, of course, but what a statue! Bronze, eight or nine feet tall, his horse body frozen in full gallop, his human half triumphantly waving a huge bronze […]

January 09

Ten Picture Books to Boost Discussion of Boundaries by Katey Howes

We invest a great deal of time and energy teaching children to share, take turns, and be kind to others. These skills support a healthy, happy community in the classroom, on the playground, and in larger life. So many wonderful picture books serve as discussion starters for these essential lessons! But we often neglect to […]

January 07

SURVIVING COVID WINTER: A Lesson from Leo Lionni’s Frederick by James Preller

I’ve got a friend, Paul, who is one of those infinitely capable guys. You probably know the type. He can build furniture, fix nearly anything, chainsaw fallen trees, fire a gun, drive a backhoe, and slowly smoke a delicious brisket.   Our friends sometimes joke that when it comes to the zombie apocalypse, we all […]

January 06

Brave in the Woods – On Found Objects, Creativity and Beginnings by Tracy Holczer

My newest book, Brave in the Woods, came out yesterday. On momentous occasions like this, I like to reflect back on the path that brought me there. In this case I’ve been taking stock of not just this book’s creation journey, but the two that came before. My small book mountain is something I never […]

January 05

The Library Path by Eden Royce

I adore libraries. Ever since I was a little girl libraries have held a fascination for me. It was partially the stacks and stacks of books and magazines taller than I was (and still am). Looking up at those towering shelves created a kind of awe in me. All that knowledge, all those ideas, all […]

January 04

Legacy: Women Poets of the Harlem Renaissance by Nikki Grimes – The Beginning of an Era – Review by Maggie Bokelman

I don’t recall any year as eagerly anticipated as 2021. But how to celebrate?  Parties are out—at least, the usual sort.  And while virtual gatherings have their merits, we’re all a bit tired of screens. This might be the perfect year to ring in with poetry:  poetry that connects and inspires us; poetry that pays […]

December 21

Cover Reveal: June Almeida, Virus Detective! The Woman Who Discovered the First Human Coronavirus by Suzanne Slade

    Without a doubt, the world was turned upside down by coronavirus this year. When news of this strange virus broke early last spring, I was shocked by how quickly Covid-19 seemed to be spreading across the globe. Grappling to understand the situation, many questions filled my mind. As a children’s author, I could only […]

December 08

We Can Do Better – Gender Stereotypes, Toxic Masculinity, and Letting Kids Be Their Authentic Selves by Joanne Levy

I’m often asked where I got the idea for FISH OUT OF WATER. I think people assume I know a kid who was discouraged from doing an activity because of their gender. They want to hear that origin story. The truth is, the seed of the idea came from something much bigger: a horrible tragedy […]