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February 05

A Sprinkle of Spirits: Community and Día de Los Reyes by Anna Meriano

It’s always interesting to switch gears from writing a book to talking about it. When I started promoting the first Love Sugar Magic book, I quickly found that the themes from the book I wanted to talk about the most were the ones that resonated with my life. Publishing my debut novel was magical, and […]

February 04

The Most Rewarding Gift by Jodi-Beth Moreno

How many gifts can you keep forever?  Do you have a favorite gift that you plan on keeping with you no matter where life takes you? I keep with me one of the best gifts I have ever received, the gift of reading. I’ve always known how to read. It has been part of my […]

February 03

You are enough, just as you are by Deborah Underwood

Bearnard’s Book came about in an unusual way—appropriate for a book about being yourself!   Usually a picture book author writes a manuscript, and if she’s lucky enough to sell it, the editor and/or art director at the publishing house choose the illustrator, who then designs the characters.   With Bearnard’s Book, Misa Saburi’s adorable […]

February 02

16 in ‘18 Every Myers-Briggs Personality Type from This Year’s Book by Janet Dawson

Long a staple of human resources departments and college counseling offices, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test divides the world into 16 personalities.  As an INFJ, I’m fascinated by this (after all, Katharine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Myers allegedly were INFJ’s), and I can’t help slapping an MBTI label on fictional characters when I’m […]

February 01

Traveling the World Without a Ticket: Using Global Narratives to Learn About Other Cultures Without Othering Them by PADMA VENKATRAMAN

As the world grows more “global” it becomes increasingly important to expose young people to cultures other than their own. No matter what a student’s cultural background might be, an increased awareness of other cultures ought to promote dialogue, discussion and deeper mutual understanding. The more we learn to speak and to listen in mutually respectful ways, […]

January 29

Cover Reveal: The Year We Fell From Space by Amy Sarig King

Hello, Nerdy Book Club readers. It’s Amy here.   I have a new middle grade book coming from Arthur A. Levine Books in October and I want to tell you about it. But first, let me show you the cover and talk about it for a minute—BECAUSE I LOVE THIS COVER.   I’ve arrived at […]

January 28

Can you keep a secret? by Amy Estersohn

The Secret Society of Readers has no monthly meetings, no annual dues, and no application. There are no cancellation fees.  SSR has no advisory board, no headquarters, and no tax identification number.   SSR members may or may not use libraries and may or may not self-identify as readers  They may or may not report […]

January 26

Ten Middle Grades Books with LGBTQ+ Characters by Dr. Donna Bulatowicz

When children read literature that reflects their own identities and/or those of their families, they can feel as though they have a place in the world. The written word is powerful; seeing oneself reflected on the pages of a book sends a message of value and belonging. Unfortunately, some children may not find texts that […]

January 22


I grew up on the West coast of Ireland, in a town that peers over the Atlantic Ocean. On a clear day, you can sail north, and follow the waves all the way to Arranmore, the home of my sea-faring ancestors. With a population of just under 500 people, this beautiful, half-forgotten island is the […]

January 21

The magic of some books by Jeremiah Henderson

Most books that we read go through a similar process. We read it, we love (or don’t love it), we share it, we move on to the next read. But what about the books that wreck us? Or completely change us? The ones that have a deep magic inside them that leaves something to be […]