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smile December 02

Repeat Readers by Julie Potvin Kirchner

I recently overheard a teacher asking a student to choose a different book because “you have read all the books in that series.” As I listened to their conversation I got the feeling not only had this student read all the books in the series, but that she had probably read them more than once. […]

adas-violin November 30

Ada’s Violin by Susan Hood and Sally Wern Comport – Review by Sheila Berenson

Ada’s Violin The Story of the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay A picture book by Susan Hood and Sally Wern Comport Picture books are given formidable tasks to perform for their young readers – to entertain, to offer new experiences, to expand emotional vocabulary and empathy, to explore their own worlds or the worlds beyond. Ada’s […]

Sketch11319220 November 29

Celebrating Reading by Heather Jensen

I am a reader. It defines who I am. I need books as much as I need food and oxygen. I carry characters in my heart and learn how to be a better person from them. I shout and sing the praises of my favorite books. I celebrate reading with family, friends, and people all […]

georgia-reading November 28

Can You Make Someone Fall in Love? by Emily Hill

Last week, I posted a picture of my three-year-old sitting in our dog’s bed reading a book. It was a precious little moment that I was lucky enough to capture. After I posted the picture, a friend and former colleague of mine suggested that I write about how I work to instill a love of […]

nerdy-nov-27-2016 November 27

Top Ten Picture Books to Use to Teach Digital Literacy by Erin Marone

According to Common Sense Media, children spend an average of six hours a day with media while teenagers spend an average of nine hours a day with media. With screen time at an all time high, it is important educators tackle digital literacy topics within their curriculum such as balancing time off and online, standing […]

today-means-amen November 26

The Top 10 Book About Finding Yourself by Amy Steinbauer

Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E.K. Johnston I’ve never been a cheerleader, but an old roommate of mine was, and this book reopened the doors to that life of pom poms, ribbons, spirit gifts, and high kicks. But as with any group of people, there is more than meets the eye. Hermione Winters is […]

Sketch113194837 November 25

The Daily Read — How It Changed Our Culture by Brett Vogelsinger, Lauren Johnston, Kevin Shillingford and Michelle Ambrosini

In February of 2016, Penny Kittle came to town.  The majority of our secondary teaching staff — a big crowd in a district of 20,000 students — had the opportunity to listen to her presentation on cultivating “book love” among our students.   What we could never have foreseen was the unbridled enthusiasm with which […]

Sketch11319220 November 24

Pausing to Be Thankful by Cindy Minnich

I often spend some quiet time on Thanksgiving reflecting on the many blessings I have had in my life – a practice not confined to our American holiday, but enjoyed as frequently as daily some months and weekly or monthly at other times. Some days my list includes coffee and quiet – particularly after the […]

wp-1479938429033.jpg November 23

​Oh, the Places We’ll Go—Research Adventures of Six Children’s Book Authors! by Heather Lang

There are few experiences as magical as getting lost in a book. How do authors go about crafting that mesmerizing experience for their readers? For starters, the people, places, and emotional journey of a book must feel authentic. To achieve that authenticity authors often go to great lengths to research the details that will bring […]

Poll:  Thanks for Giving Books

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.S. and reflect on all our blessings. Certainly Nerdy Book Club members would count books among those.  Which titles have you been thankful for being able to read in the last year? Share your answers below in the comments.