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wp-1448625144139.png November 27

A DELUGE of WATER BOOKS by Nancy Bo Flood

Water moves.  Water changes shape and form.  Simple ideas but the enormous importance of the water cycle is hard to appreciate, as is the enormous importance of water.  Water is life.  You are water, at least two-thirds of you, even your bones and your brain! I share with you a deluge of wonderful water books.  […]

wp-1448544332265.jpg November 26

First Term at Malory Towers by Enid Blyton – Book Review by Mahriya Zahid

Memories of thrilling adventures, mischievous plots, shocking secrets and new friendships still excite me to this day. The stories of Darrell Rivers and her friends at their new school, Malory Towers, delight me and the unexpected twists along the way make the journey even more captivating.  Enid Blyton had simply created a masterpiece that made […]

wpid-wp-1448363454947.jpg November 25

Seven Important Things About The Seventh Most Important Thing for Seventh Grade Readers by Amy Estersohn

There’s been a lot of talk among writers about writing books for readers ages 11-14 who are no longer interested in most middle grades literature and who are too young for most young adult titles. Shelley Pearsall’s a self-described writer of middle school lit, and her new book, The Seventh Most Important Thing, is bound […]

Going Out for Air by Madelyn Rosenberg

There are rabbits in the yard, but the rabbit hole appears to be in my office, on my desk, when those little bars on my computer screen tell me I’m connected to the internet. I’m embarrassed by the things I’ve followed down that hole. In the interest of truthfulness, I will admit that yes, I […]

The Bad Habits of Good Readers by Carol Jago

Time for confession. While applauding the model of teachers as master readers and students as apprentices, it seems to me that before we recommend that students should become just like us, we would do well to examine what compulsive readers actually do. In my experience, avid readers often: 1. Value speed over reflection. Such readers […]

Gifts and Inspiration by Laura Murray

“You’re such a Smart Cookie!” My mother said this to me when I was little, and I loved to watch my student’s faces when I said it to them in the first weeks of Kindergarten. It was fun because most had never heard the expression before, and once they learned what it meant, it usually […]

wpid-wp-1448107860139.png November 21

My Top Ten YA Trilogies and Duologies by Paige Martin

Almost every YA book (it seems like) these days has a sequel and if there is a sequel it is really likely that in the near future there is going to be another sequel, especially if that YA book has anything to do with a teenager growing up, the world changing, or magic. That means […]

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High Tech Student to Student Book Recs by Katherine Sokolowski

One of my goals with my fifth graders each fall is to create an awareness amongst my three classes that I am not the sole source of book recommendations for them. That they can get recommendations from their friends. After all, I will not be traveling with them to sixth grade, but their friends will. […]

hilo book 1 November 19

Sleep-away camp, my dad and a flying dog by Judd Winick

I read somewhere that children are able to learn and retain second languages with greater ease when they are really young, like between 3 and 6. In my opinion, kids in general remember and form long term thoughts and tons of their behavior when they are pretty young (Mind you, this is medical opinion of […]

pool November 18

Pool by JiHyeon Lee – Review by Brett Vogelsinger

Pool is a wordless picture book, the publishing debut from South Korean artist JiHyeon Lee. This beautifully illustrated work tells the story of a quiet boy who wants to go for a swim in a suddenly overcrowded swimming pool.  At first he is tentative, and it looks like he might leave, but then he takes […]