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sad authors February 26


When I was a kid, I used to dress up in my mother’s nightgowns, layers and layers of lace and silky chiffon, draped across my shoulders, sometimes veiling my face, but always trailing behind me like the train of a wedding gown. I would play “Peter and the Wolf” and “Arabian Nights” on the record […]

titanic making of a doomed ship February 25

“I Need a Book about the Titanic” by Lucretia Brattin

One subject in history has it all:  tragedy, mystery, mayhem, social classes, celebrities, science and romance.  I am referring to the story of the Titanic. In our school the “official” study of the Titanic begins in the fourth grade reading anthology.  Students read the short story Finding the Titanic by Robert D. Ballard.  This story […]

I Don't Want to be a Frog February 24

Finding the Words by Dev Petty

Sometimes I read posts here with a bit of envy. I read about people who went to their school library at recess and curled up with a book at every opportunity. I read about people who knew from birth that words and language and books would define their life, as a writer or a librarian […]

edward tulane February 23

Teacher with Tissues: Showing Students How Books Tug at Your Heart by Kathleen Sokolowski

“Are you crying?” one of my third grade students asks incredulously, as the rest of them look on, wide-eyed and silent. I sniffle, too choked up to answer.  I was, indeed, crying, surprised by my emotions as the tears spilled over.  Reading aloud Kate DiCamillo’s brilliant book The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, I’d anticipated struggling […]

wish girl February 22

Magical Places by Nikki Loftin

Sometimes it’s people who stay with you forever. And sometimes it’s places. When I was a girl, I spent many summers running wild in the Texas hill country. My parents were building a ramshackle house from scratch and junk timber at the top of a hill, and my older sister and I were free to […]

MORPHEUS February 21

Top Ten Book Boyfriends by Karin Perry

I was lucky enough to be a part of the Nerdy Book Club presentation at NCTE last November. What a fun group of people to work with. You can go back in the archives and find the post recapping the presentation on the blog. My part of the presentation was to talk about the Saturday […]

two February 20

Shelfies: A Snapshot of Our Reading Lives by Melissa Guerrette

Thanks to popularity among the Nerdy Book Club-types, shelfies have become trendy. Many of us have even made shelfies something of a habit. Just look at the call for #winterTBR stacks or the unsolicited shelfies we’ve all been posting in anticipation of snow day reading bliss. So, why is it? What is it about sheflies […]

sarah andersen audio recommendations February 19

A Reading Life Revised by Sarah Andersen

Before Jack was born in August many of my friends and family told me how different my life would be. I’m a smart woman, so I knew to expect changes to my sleep schedule, my work life, and my life at home. I even dealt with colleagues commenting on how much I was reading and […]

maddi's fridge February 18

Maddi’s Fridge by Lois Brandt and Vin Vogel – Review by Kate Schwarz

For most of my adult life when I grabbed a book to read, I chose nonfiction. I’d tell my too-cool younger self and my friends that there were too many true stories that I felt I should know. Too much information that I needed. Too many facts to jam into my head. Fiction was simply […]

Breakout_REV February 17

Don’t Give Up on the Anthonys by Kevin Emerson

The truth is, I gave up on the Anthonys. Almost every time. We’d get to the middle of the school year and I’d think, fine, you don’t want to make the effort? I’ll focus on the kids who actually care.   Maybe you’ve been there. I’d bet that everyone who’s worked in education has felt […]