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September 22


A few years ago, I was invited by a librarian to travel to Ohio to speak to all the third graders in her district. The invitation was especially thrilling because I grew up in Ohio, and while I now consider myself a New Englander, in many ways you just can’t take the Midwest out of […]

September 21

Celebrating, Not Hiding by Emma Otheguy

I loved my third-grade classroom. I loved having my own cubby, and I thought it was a good coincidence that the top of my desk was the same color as oak tag, my favorite craft supply. There was a paper whale that wrapped around the walls, and there were class parties complete with brownies, cupcakes, […]

September 20

Eating Contests, Birth Order, and How They Fit Together to Become Slider by Pete Hautman

A Game of Dogs   On July 4th, 2017, at the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Contest, Joey Chestnut won for the ninth time by gobbling down 72 hot dogs in 10 minutes.* It was grotesque, it was disgusting, it was hard to watch, it was impossible to look away. It was magnificent.   Kind of […]

September 19

Embracing Inventiveness and Perseverance in Ethan Marcus Stands Up by Michele Weber Hurwitz

Often, all it takes is a crumb – a little morsel of a moment – to spark an idea for a book. One that may not even seem like a moment at the time. My high-energy son was in eighth-grade, studying for a science test. Let’s just say science did not come easy to this […]

September 18

A Toast to Kate DiCamillo by Kirsten LeClerc

“I’m only eating toast today. Toast with a great deal of butter on it,” declared my daughter. She was six years old at the time and a Mercy Watson superfan. I humored her at breakfast, and she snacked on buttered toast for the next couple of days. Need I tell you how that turned out? […]

September 17

Disaster and Discovery: True Stories of Survival That Inspired Five Nonfiction Authors by Sandra Neil Wallace and Rich Wallace

Imagine embarking for an unexplored world, relying on faulty maps based on guesswork and fake science. Your goal is a tropical oasis at the North Pole, inhabited by unknown species of animals and maybe a lost race of humans. It sounds like science fiction, but that was the prevailing belief in 1879 when the USS […]

September 16

Cock-a-Doodle-Doo!: Ten Picture Books about Farm Life by Jake Nuckolls

My Grandad is in his mid-90s.  He fought in the Battle of the Bulge, raised 3 children with my Grandma Dot, and grew up a farm boy; back when the technological revolution of the day was connecting a couple different farm houses via phone lines.  They raised flocks of all types, grew much of their […]

September 15

Hey, Educators! Josh Funk Wants to Embarrass You! (Book Trailer Premiere for IT’S NOT JACK AND THE BEANSTALK)

Educators are the best! I’ve written before about how #TeachersAreRockStars and how incredible it is that you work 100+ hour weeks basically year round, etc, etc. I love you all. And hopefully you look good in front of your students when you read my and other authors’ books.   However, with my newest book, I […]

September 14

Getting Personal by Barbara Dee

HALFWAY NORMAL is out this month, and I’m getting nervous. Not for the usual reasons (“Will they like this book? Will it sell?”). What I’m nervous about is the public-appearance piece, especially the inevitable questions about my son’s health. When I first thought of writing this book, I made a deal with my son: I’d […]

September 13

From Journalism to Fiction by Dick Lehr

One thing I know a lot about is journalism – writing that is based on facts. I teach it. I write it. One thing I don’t know a lot about is writing fiction. – stories that are made-up. Which is basically why two years ago I decided to write a novel titled TRELL. I have […]