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TRUE MEN by Karen Harrington

I was on a panel recently with author P. J. Hoover and she said something about the writing process that made me want to shout, oh, yes, me, too! She said that when a writer is in the midst of drafting a new story, everything that happens in their life in those writing months is […]

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Serious Series Business by Micki Uppena

I will never forget the first series that I fell in love with. The Boxcar Children, Trixie Belden, and Little House on the Prairie helped me develop deep love for character development. I loved the predictability, the family, and the comfort of knowing where the character’s journeys would lead. As I entered middle school I […]

Sleepover cover image May 22

How “Girl Books” Could Save the World (Or At Least Help Out!) by Jen Malone

I doubt it will surprise any Nerds that a recent study offered definitive proof that readers of fiction tend to score higher on tests measuring empathy and interpersonal sensitivity, and are better equipped to interpret emotional cues. In short, fiction readers are superior at “human-ing.”   These findings make so much sense to me, because […]

baby 2 May 21

Ten Books For the Earliest Readers by Annie McMahon Whitlock

When I was pregnant with my daughter Maggie, guests to my baby showers brought books as gifts. It was great to build her first book collection and to see what everyone else thought was necessary reading for the young children. There were so many great books that I looked forward to reading her stories from […]

On the back of his plate, a fifth grade student reflects on the big ideas he has developed after filling the front of his plate. May 20

Buffets and Books: What Fills Me Up as a Reader? by Dana Kramaroff

Years ago when I set out to understand myself and my students better as readers, I had to think of my own reading life first. I must have had food on the brain, because I started making the connection of how choosing what I might read next is similar to when people visit a buffet. […]

tiny stitches May 19

The Magical Realm of Libraries by Gwendolyn Hooks

Libraries have always been one of my favorite places to visit. They are magical, and librarians are magicians.   My father was career Air Force and like most military families we moved—a lot. From Georgia to Italy and back to Georgia, then Texas on to Washington, back to Georgia again and finally at rest in […]

the blackthorn key May 18

The Blackthorn Key by Kevin Sands – Review by Gregory Taylor

Secret Codes, Secret Societies, Secret Passages… and Blowing Stuff Up   I went through a serious secret-code phase when I was a kid. I read books about how to create and crack codes. I tried to rope my friends, my little sister, even my teachers, into trading messages with me using a variety of secret […]

anne of green gables May 16

When Anne Shirley Saved Me by Tracy Murphy

I often tell people that Anne of Green Gables saved my life, and I don’t use these words lightly. Anne Shirley showed up in my life exactly when I needed her. We were like two misfits, Anne and I, and kindred spirits we became. L.M. Montgomery’s words brought me a warm comfort that I had […]

seventeenth summer May 14

Ten “Comfort Food” Books/Series by Jennie Albrecht

We all have our comfort food – chicken noodle soup, macaroni & cheese, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream. While these are favorite foods of mine, I also have a list of “comfort books”. These are my most favorite books/series/authors. This list is also my “go-to” list when I don’t know what to read, don’t feel […]

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When Wet Bathing Suits Happen to Good Books by Amy Estersohn

Sometimes I wish I had a degree in hazardous materials management.  That way, I’d know how to rehabilitate returned books that have received the Wet Bathing Suit Torture. But it’s not just the wet bathing suits.  Books are regularly returned with ripped pages or pages coming out from seams.  Sometimes they look like they have […]