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The Rat Prince August 23

Stories, Actually…. by Bridget Hodder

For several years, I taught reading through the Resource Room of a public elementary school, where we often had to pull out inclusion kids from vibrant mainstream classrooms during Language Arts or “free reading” periods. We taught these students the basics of reading from a regimented, workbook-based program required by our curriculum.   And yet, […]

AS Goodreads shelf August 22

Reading in the Light by Andrew Smith

In fifth grade, I was blessed to have an amazing educator in my life.   Her name was Mrs. Ann Ostrowski or “Mrs. O.”   Mrs. O was the type of educator that many of us dream of becoming one day.   She had excellent relationships with her students and families, challenged individual students to push his/her thinking […]

the storm in the barn August 20

Ten Books My Friends and Family are Tired of Hearing Me Recommend by Jake Nuckolls

I am often used as a library both physically as well as mentally.  “What should I read next?” or “Is there a book like….?” are both questions I field from friends and family who know my love of literature and specifically children’s literature.  But everyone knows that they may get an unsolicited recommendation that has […]

We Are What We Read August 19

I Am What I Read: 5 Ways to Nurture Reading Identity by Paula Bourque

  Over the past few years as a K-8 literacy coach I’ve worked with students to help them create and connect with their writing identities. I wanted them to live “writerly” lives and explore what it meant to be a writer. I wrote a book about that exploration (Close Writing).  I know, as writers we […]

when you reach me August 18

10 Life Lessons Found in the Pages of Middle-Grade Fiction by Melissa Roske

When writing for children, Madonna said it best: Papa, don’t preach. That means: no heavy-handed moralizing or high-horsey finger wagging. Kids get bossed around enough as it is, so why subject them to further instruction when they’re reading for pleasure? That’s not playing fair. At the same time, finding inspiration in a great book can […]

monsters go night night August 17

I Sense Some Nonsense by Aaron Zenz

I have always been attracted to joyful Nonsense.  I’m drawn to books and writings that turn norms on their head. From the time I was young, young, young, my favorite poem has been Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky”: Who cares what it meant!  It was so fun to say!  And to memorize.  And to recite. Coming in […]

Giraffes Ruin Everything August 16

Fictional Truth by Heidi Schulz

I lie about telling lies. My official author bio says, “Lies to children for fun and profit,” but I strongly believe the job of a children’s author is to tell the truth.  Ever since Dick and Jane, I have depended on books to illuminate, reveal, or to reinforce truths that I already know—but never so […]

IMG_9066 August 15

Reading Analog in a Digital World by Matt Renwick

Our family was preparing for a day trip to the Wisconsin Dells. There was some reading time available during our trek – my wife agreed to drive home – so I packed the following reading material: Paperback copies of The Writer’s Guide to Persistence by Jordan Rosenfeld and The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, […]

Thornghost jacket August 14

Or, You Could Go Play in the Woods by Tone Almhjell

Are you bored, my dear? Then take some cookies and head into the woods. The lynxes and wolverines usually stay clear of humans, so as long as you don’t fall into the lake, you should be fine. Have fun! That never happened, of course. No one actually sent me off to the woods. Not because […]

wild August 13

Top Ten Most Beautifully Illustrated Picture Books by Adriana Fortier

I love reading picture books. They are not long or hard to get through, and have the added bonus of gorgeous illustrations that focus my attention. The best illustrations do not limit your imagination, but give you something to begin with. This list is a collection of picture books with beautiful illustrations that are complimented […]