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Sketch113194837 October 21

“Just Right” Books: So Much More Than a Level by Melanie Fuemmeler

“Sometimes you read a book so special that you want to carry it around with you for months after you’ve finished just to stay near it.” – Marcus Zusak I recently worked in a classroom helping students understand what it means to have a “just right” book in their hands.  Before beginning the lesson I […]

the-fog-of-forgetting October 20

The Fog of Forgetting by G. A. Morgan – Retro Review by Melissa Guerrette

I confess: Fantasy novels often get stuck in my Someday book stack.   No matter how many of my Nerdy friends profess their love for fantasy novels like The Chronicles of Narnia or how emphatically they recommend A Wrinkle in Time, delving into another world that expects me to leave behind the constructs I am […]

findingperfect_final October 19

Finding Perfect by Elly Swartz – Review by Bridget Hodder

  Most of us have done it, at one time or another.   We’ve joked about being “kind of OCD.”   We say it when our colleague keeps his desk meticulously neat; when our friend goes back to the salon the instant she gets a chip in her nail polish; when we check our phones […]

brightwood October 18

Imaginary People and Their Imaginary Friends by Tania Unsworth

  I had a problem that only an imaginary friend could solve.   I wanted to write a story about a girl left all alone in a beautiful yet crumbling stately home. Born in one of its many rooms, she has never once set foot outside the grounds. The home (which happens to be called […]

image1-1 October 17

Hijacked by Hamilton by Joanne Kelleher

School is back in session, and we are in full swing; summer is a distant memory. I am sad to see summer go because with it goes the lazy days of endless reading. It a reading season that starts in the middle of June with the preparation. I review the Newbery contenders, I revisit the […]

14618923_10154407182230255_2064226266_o October 16

Cover Reveal of Orphan Island by Laurel Snyder

I’ve been writing books since I was eight years old, and for most of my life, I wrote just for myself. I wrote because I had stories in my head, and I wanted to see how they’d end.  I wrote because I loved to play with words.  I scribbled my books, and bound them in […]

mix-it-up October 15

Top Ten Books to Read During Story Time by Shannon Hawkins

A couple years ago I would have never believed I would write a blog post about story time books. I’ve always loved children’s books for my own entertainment, but I never really took myself for a story time sort of person. However, after a crazy turn of events, I took over doing story time at […]

Sketch11319220 October 14

Book Clubs: The Struggle is Real by Phyllis Sutton and Jennifer Traub

I have always been a reader.    Well, not really.  When I look back over my reading life, I see huge gaps. I barely read in high school.  I specifically remember a class where I despised the assigned reading.  So I didn’t do any of it.  Instead, I completed every single extra credit option available, […]

kat-green-fc-final-art-300 October 13

Cover reveal: KAT GREENE COMES CLEAN by Melissa Roske + a GIVEAWAY!

KAT GREENE COMES CLEAN by Melissa Roske Illustrations by Nathan Durfee Charlesbridge Publishing; release date: June 13, 2017     When my editor, Julie Bliven at Charlesbridge, told me that Nathan Durfee had been commissioned to illustrate the cover for KAT GREENE COMES CLEAN, I knew I’d hit the jackpot. I was already familiar with […]

still-life-with-tornado October 12

Nothing Ever Really Happens: A Conversation with A.S. King

Today, Nerdy Book Club member Brian Wyzlic talks with Nerdy Book Club author A.S. King. Come, join in the conversation!   Hi, Amy! It’s great to be talking with you today about your work, specifically your newest book, Still Life with Tornado. Thanks for joining me!   Thanks so much for having me around, Brian. […]