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August 05

Authors, Illustrators Share Their Talents, Pass On Their Love of Reading, Then Pass Out Their Books by Heidi Powell

I’ve shared my love of reading in expected and unexpected ways. When I was young I book-talked with friends (before I even knew what book-talking was), participated in book clubs, and volunteered and then worked at the local library. Years later, I picked up where I’d left off and became a page at another library—only […]

August 04

Falling in Love with 826CHI by Jen Vincent

“Writing a book, publishing it, buying it, and putting that book into a child’s hand may be one of the most important acts of resistance we have. Because books give children light. Books give them hope. Books give them power.” – Donalyn Miller, Nerd Talk, Nerdcamp Michigan, 2017     Over spring break, I invited […]

August 03

Cover Reveal for Elephant Secret by Eric Walters

People love elephants.  I love elephants.  Raise your hand if you’d like to just run off today and hang out with elephants . . . I know your hand is up.  I got to do that.  I hung out with elephants.  I had a little baby, Hannah, who repeatedly tried to steal my hat and […]

August 01

The Danger Gang And The Spirit Of Adventure! by Stephen Bramucci

  The Danger Gang and the Pirates of Borneo!, stars a self-aggrandizing narrator, a fact-checking butler, a fencing rival-turned-best-friend, and a defanged King Cobra. The plot hinges on papaya-throwing orangutans, a tongueless giant, and a band of modern day pirates (who dress up as old-fashioned pirates). There are post-modern devices, homophones, and anagrams; double-crosses, cryptic […]

July 31

Endless Blessings by Kim Hole

As I sat in my children’s bedroom one evening this past fall trying to tackle the mountain of clean clothes still in the laundry basket, get pajamas onto my two year old who seemed entirely unable to stand still and reassure my 8 month old that he was not in jail as he whined from […]

July 30

Grandmothers Are Magical by James Nicol

In my novel The Apprentice Witch, Arianwyn has an incredibly close relationship with her grandmother. She’s a witch, an ex-member of the council of elders, and the owner of Stronelli’s book store, a specialist magic book shop where Arianwyn has been raised since her mother died and her father re-joined the army to escape his […]

July 29

Ten Books featuring Characters with a Genetic Condition by Yolanda Ridge

Even though I’m a science geek with a master’s degree in genetics, I don’t really like to read non-fiction. Knowing I’m not alone, I have compiled a list of fiction titles that introduce young readers to the principles of genetics through a character who has a condition caused by a single gene or chromosomal change. […]

July 26

Cover Reveal for BACK FROM THE BRINK: Saving Animals from Extinction by Nancy Castaldo

I am so excited to reveal the cover of my next Houghton Mifflin Harcourt title – BACK FROM THE BRINK: Saving Animals from Extinction.   This important book brings stories of hope to an issue that is often seen as helpless. So many species have already been lost in the history of our planet, and […]

July 25

A Case Against the Mainstream by Denise Gosliner Orenstein

What school principal in her right mind brings a Shetland Pony to an assembly in the gymnasium? And what is to be done when there’s an unfortunate, odorous explosion all over the blue and white striped linoleum floor?  When you’re trying to introduce an innovative curriculum to a suspicious faculty and restless student body? You […]

July 24

Not Assessable (Or Is it?) by Patrick Andrus

As I sit on my porch reflecting on the last 172 days, I seem to be “stuck” in thought about the state of education and where we currently are in the realm of assessment.   In my district, the “focus” seems to be the MCA (Minnesota Comprehension Assessment) and other district testing.  We are data […]