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May 24

Be Yourself, with Silliness and Self-love by Aidan Cassie

I love myself, just as I am.   Well, okay, maybe not everything about myself…   I mean, I wish I weren’t such a talented procrastinator (yup, just got sidetracked “researching” TED talks on procrastination), I’m not too fond being diabetic (I’m slightly “bionic,” but not in the cool, Six Million Dollar Man kinda way), […]

May 21


I always took chocolate for granted. As a child growing up in the Ivory Coast, we always had a chocolate bar or two nestled in the cold of the refrigerator door away from the tropical heat. We made cupcakes and chocolate mousse just for fun: “gateaux au chocolat” on special occasions and “pains au chocolat” […]

May 20


It happened on a plane. On a plane! I tend to board at the end when I have an assigned seat. Less time on the crowded plane feels right to me, and I rarely need overhead storage. A bearded man next to me had the same idea. “Why spend more time on a crowded plane,” […]

May 15

After the Russians Came – Turning my Father’s Story into Fiction by Monika Schröder

My first novel, THE DOG IN THE WOOD, comes out in paperback on May 14th. I feel fortunate that the story continues to be available for young readers and I am grateful to the Nerdy Book Club for giving me the opportunity to tell a bit about its backstory. The novel, set in a small […]

May 14

The Clockwork Ghost or Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story by Laura Ruby

Sometime last fall, a friend asked me if I wanted to go to Greece* in April.   “Of course I want to go to Greece,” I said. “Who doesn’t want to go to Greece?” Except that I didn’t have time to go to Greece. I mean, I barely had time to go to the bathroom. […]

May 12

Impossible Heroes by Jess Keating

It started in Kiev. I watched with my heart in my throat as two undercover American agents interrogated a Russian man who believes he’s murdered a member of the IMF. They do their job, the adventure begins and then that infamous match is struck. A fuse is lit, racing across the screen, as that ubiquitous […]

May 08

Keepin’ It Real by John David Anderson

Rion Kwirk’s father makes jellybeans for a living. His mother named her kids after constellations. His older sister is a swordfighter. His younger sister is a walking dictionary. And his grandfather…the man nearly defies explanation. And while his death isn’t all that mysterious, his funeral sure is. Finding Orion, my forthcoming novel, is a little […]

May 07

Land of Confusion by Kurt Kirchmeier

I have a clear memory of being ten years old and hearing “Land of Confusion” on the radio for the very first time. I had no idea who the band was or what the song was actually about; all I knew was that when I heard it, it felt true. It was sad and chaotic […]

May 06

A Living, Breathing Ronan Gale by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Shouting at the Rain will be released tomorrow. And what a long, strange trip its been.   This book has been a tough one. A tough one to figure out and a tough one to put on the page. Why did I persevere? Well, because I knew there would be readers who need this book. […]

May 05

Being Seen by Emmy Kastner

On Being a Kid I was a kid prone to exaggeration. Conveying what really happened often felt boring. I wasn’t lying to get myself out of trouble, just stretching the truth because that’s what made people laugh or would pique their interest to ask me questions. A snake followed me all the way home from […]