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December 13

READING IN SOVIET LINES by Eugene Yelchin and M.T. Anderson

Eugene Yelchin: A good third of our waking lives my family spent standing in lines. In the Soviet Union where we lived, the goods were scarce. We stood in lines for everything — food, clothing, furniture, light bulbs — you name it. Waiting took hours. Often, by switching shifts between my father and my mother, […]

December 11

Origins of The Poesy Ring by Bob Graham

As much as is possible I write my stories intuitively. I am now trusting myself to do this, and at the end of the process if more is needed I have helpful back up from my editor Lizzie and designer Deirdre at Walker Books. I don’t go looking for stories. More, I like to sit […]

December 06

Traditions by Creators IRL

In the midst of the holiday season, many of us are thinking about family, the traditions that we treasure and how they connect us to those we care about. Traditions are so universal that, even when different or unfamiliar, they can bring people together in profound ways.   In this second video for Creators IRL, […]

December 04

Zen Origin Story by Lisa Bunker

Three threads of inspiration brought Zenobia July into being—one light, one dark, and the third, celebratory. The light thread was a decades-long itch to try my hand at the Sherlock Holmes trope. I love the idea of the quirky genius detective. But, I got to thinking, what if my detective works in cyberspace? And what […]

November 29

The Last of the CODYs by Tricia Springstubb

In this life, many things are bittersweet: –the last day of school –growing out of your favorite PJs, so you get a fuzzy new pair, but you feel bad for your old favorites –publishing the final book in a series you’ve loved writing On a recent school visit, a student asked me why I began […]

November 27

The Write Stuff: How to Turn Kids Who Aren’t Readers Into Writers by Katherine Marsh

It was a rainy September morning when I arrived at the small K-12 public school in rural Michigan. This visit was the culmination of a week-long author tour for my latest middle grade novel, Nowhere Boy, which had taken me to ten schools in three states. To say I was exhausted was an understatement; I […]

November 20

ANY SECOND: Anxiety, Isolation, and Empathy by Kevin Emerson

One time, during high school biology class, I peeled all the skin off the top third of my index finger. I know, gross, right? It was a symptom of anxiety, though I didn’t know it at the time. These days, my fingers look okay, but it’s not uncommon to see me sporting a Star Wars […]

November 15

A Long Way to Go on Gun Violence by Laura Shovan

We woke up on Thursday morning to news of another mass shooting in America, this time at a California bar. It was college night. As the mom of two college students, I was shaken once again. It had only been eleven days since Jews were gunned down in their Pittsburgh synagogue. Twelve since a man […]

November 13

Five Doors Into Memoir by Ralph Fletcher

Memoir continues to be an intensely popular genre. We love to peer into other people’s lives. We are fascinated by the heartbreaks and triumphs experiences by others. But writing memoir is challenging. It involves a great deal of craft: dealing with time, finding an authentic voice, conveying a sense of significance, and so forth. These […]

November 07

Finding the Words by Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr

I am Matthew. This is Robbi. We are married. We also make books together.     Before we had kids, I wrote books for adults.   Which meant there was no limit on the words I could use. Long words. Complex words. Words with silent letters and diabolical spellings. No matter, as long as they […]