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May 18

Who Invented TV Video Gaming? And Will His Story Inspire My Kid to Read? by Kate Hannigan

How do I make my reluctant reader pick up a book? Write about his favorite thing: gaming. When I visit schools, I often tell students that most books are written to answer a single question. And while I’d like to say that my newest picture book biography Blips on a Screen: How Ralph Baer Invented […]

May 17

Time Flies by TARA LAZAR

TIME FLIES: DOWN TO THE LAST MINUTE The 3rd Book in the 7 ATE 9/PRIVATE I Series   7 ATE 9 began with a brainstorming exercise; I wanted a punchline for a title. What’s a punchline that every elementary school kid immediately recognizes? Then it hit me like a ton of class clowns: Why was six afraid […]

May 16

What makes a physicist? by Dr. Eve Vavagiakis

What makes a physicist? Hi! I’m a neutrino, and I am so small that matter to me barely matters at all. I hauled a thick book about college majors back to an old wooden reading desk at my local library and opened it on the slanted table top under a green glass reading lamp. My […]

May 09

DRIFTERS: Holding onto Friendships in the Time of Isolation by Kevin Emerson

At the center of Drifters, my new middle grade novel that features multiple universes and a multi-century plot, is a very small story about two 13-year-olds who fell out of friendship, and about what it takes to get that friendship back. It’s the part of the story that I’m most proud of. It’s also the very […]

May 03

On Hope by Rose Brock

Hi, Nerdys. Rose Brock here! How delighted am I to be left in charge of the Nerdy Book Blog this week by Donalyn? VERY. I’m beginning this piece with a confession (Surely, that will draw you in, dear reader because who doesn’t love the possibility of hearing something juicy?). Alas, it’s nothing too scandalous (I […]

April 29

The Princess, the Pea, and the Poemo sapien OR “Why don’t poets just say what they mean?” by Allan Wolf

This is my third time in the guest nerd seat. In the past few years, I have confessed to being an adult-onset bibliophile. I have told the story of how I used to write on my bedroom walls. And I have admitted to being only a “5” on the Nerdometer Scale.   I’m most excited about […]

April 28

“I Did It for The Money” – Mother-Son Bonding During THE GREAT PEACH EXPERIMENT by Erin Soderberg Downing

When I visit schools to talk about writing, one question I get from kids almost every time is, “Which of your books is your favorite?” For many years, I couldn’t answer this question. Because my books are like my own kids: each is special and loved in its own, unique way. I can’t pick a […]

April 25

The Story of Sarah Rising by Ty Chapman

Writing a book is never easy and creating my debut picture book SARAH RISING was no exception. When the thought first struck me to write a picture book about the racial uprising that followed the murder of George Floyd, I was in my home in Minneapolis, and events were still actively playing out. Coincidently, I was also in […]

April 20

Omar Rising and Reading Aloud by Aisha Saeed

Since childhood, I’ve loved losing myself in stories. Every weekend my parents would cart my brothers and I to our local library and we’d haul home as many books as we could carry. There’s something special about grabbing a good book and diving into a different world all without leaving the comforts of your home. […]

April 19

IF I TRY TO BE LIKE SOMEONE ELSE, WHO WILL BE LIKE ME? (Yiddish proverb) by Nora Raleigh Baskin

A Very Different Kind of Glossary (in no particular order): B’nai Mitzvah: “The plural form for the Jewish coming of age ceremony for boys or a mix of girls and boys. The plural form for girls is b’not mitzvah.  Don’t say bar mitzvahs or bat mitzvahs unless you want to make your Hebrew School teacher […]