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June 05

On Labels in Lions & Liars by Kate Beasley

I’m beyond excited about my new book, Lions and Liars. I feel in my bones that this is the story I was supposed to tell next and the way I was supposed to tell it.   The novel is about Frederick Frederickson, a 10-year-old who, through a series of madcap mishaps, winds up at a […]

May 30

Cover Reveal: A Drop of Hope by Keith Calabrese

My first middle grade novel is about a lot of things. A wishing well. An attic cluttered with mystery. A rare, stolen diamond. Lawn care. The enduring power of friendship. Overcoming our fears, whatever shape they make take.  And junk. Lots of junk. But at its heart, it’s mostly about hope. Hope means something different […]

May 29

Wake Up Little Princess (and Prince) by Liesl Shurtliff

It’s inevitable. During a Q&A with a group of kids I will always be asked the following: Are you going to write a princess tale? Cinderella? Sleeping Beauty? Snow White? I get a little squeamish and politely say, “Maybe someday,” or “I haven’t gotten an idea for those stories yet,” while on the inside I […]

May 23


Perhaps the most common question I get as an author is where do I get my ideas? Usually the answer is relatively simple, but with THE TRAITOR’S GAME series…not so much.   It started with the title, which was all I knew about the story. And as I began asking questions in search of the […]

May 22

Living, Breathing History by Marc Favreau

When I was a child, my dad would get us up early on April 19, to make the short trip from my hometown of Waltham, Massachusetts, to Lexington, just a couple of miles down the road.  He had passed on his history bug to me, and I thrilled to the sights, the crackling muskets, and […]

May 17

COYOTE SUNRISE Cover Reveal by Dan Gemeinhart

Okay, folks. I’m gonna try to be calm about this. But, spoiler alert, I’m gonna fail at that. I am so, so, so excited to finally start talking about my next book, THE REMARKABLE JOURNEY OF COYOTE SUNRISE. It comes out in early 2019, and even though I’m glad I’ve got the word “early” in […]

May 16

Cover Reveal : A Dog Named Haku, A Holiday Story From Nepal by Margarita Engle with Amish Karanjit and Nicole Karanjit

Imagine a holiday for celebrating dogs. Not just pampered pets, but strays too. All over the city and countryside, people shower puppies and older dogs with treats, blessings, and decorations. This festival is real, but few Americans are aware of its beauty or significance. When my Nepali son-in-law, Amish Karanjit, told me a story from […]

May 15

How School Librarians Will Save the World by Josh Funk

Writing for children (and adults who like to read books written for children) is still a new thing for me. You see, for the last 20 years I’ve been studying computer science and working as a software engineer – and I still am today (in fact, as you’re reading this on a Tuesday, I’m at […]

May 11

What Is History for Francesco Sedita? by Francesco Sedita

As a kid, I was not only a reluctant reader, I was a hater of history. It terrified me, bored me, and made me feel like an outsider. As a closeted, chubby, Italian American kid with a weird name, the last thing I wanted to learn about was straight white people; and that’s what history felt like […]

May 10

May I Do a Comic Book Instead? by Sergio Ruzzier

Throughout my childhood, comic strips and comic books, especially the funny ones, were my true passion. I still read them, and occasionally I discover a new author or story that inspires or moves me. But nothing compares to the excitement I would feel when I was 6 or 12 years old.   I still remember spending a considerable amount […]