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November 30

PLAYING WITH HISTORY by Christopher Healy

Worldbuilding may well be my favorite aspect of writing. When working on my Hero’s Guide series of fairy tale adventures, it gave me immeasurable joy simply to sketch maps of the thirteen kingdoms in which the stories would take place. I love challenging myself with the creation of  fantastical settings in which to house my tales, and […]

November 25

NOTHING IN COMMON by Kate Hoefler and Corinna Luyken

When I think about my most recent picture book collaboration, NOTHING IN COMMON, written by Kate Hoefler, and when I am asked to describe the book, I have found myself rambling on a bit.  Not entirely sure how to describe it.  Certainly, it’s a book about two kids, an old man, and a dog.  There’s […]

November 16

How a Makerspace Project Inspired a Book by Melissa Stewart

Back in 2018, I had a dream, and while attending a makerspace workshop led by educators Dana Kramroff and Rabecca Hester at the Keystone State Literacy Association conference in Pennsylvania, I decided to create a 3-D representation of it.   What exactly was my dream? I wanted to help educators understand a critical part of […]

November 13

COVER REVEAL – The Renegade Reporters by Elissa Brent Weissman

When I do school visits, kids always ask where I get the ideas for my books. Well, the idea for The Renegade Reporters came from doing school visits!   When I was in elementary school, sixth graders took turns reading the morning announcements over the loudspeaker in the main office. But doing school visits as […]

November 11

What Love Can Do by Joan Bauer

I saw the noses first.  They were poking through the gate. “Come around the back,” I was told.  “We meet in the yard.”  I was excited — I was here to begin researching my 14th novel for young people. I love dogs and these were special ones— part of a guide dog-in-training puppy playgroup in […]

November 10


Before I entered kindergarten, I went to a pre-school that took place at a church. Almost every day, a kid named Jaime threatened to throw me in the fire of the wood-burning stove they had there. This happened over forty years ago and yet I can still clearly remember being stuck in a storage closet […]

November 05

Moving Forward by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong

There are poems that are perfect in times like these, when we feel frazzled and too tired to tackle much of anything. Poems can calm and center and energize us: “On a Beach” by Suzy Levinson transports us to a balmy beach. Sharing this poem is like giving yourself—and your children—a 30-second winter break.   […]

November 04

COVER REVEAL: Flight of the Puffin by Ann Braden

I’ve always avoided conflict. Every day when I was in preschool, one of the other girls at the dress-up station would tell me, “You can wear the purple dress tomorrow.” I never pushed back. I never told the teacher. I also almost never wore the purple dress. (Except for one glorious day when that girl […]

October 28


Cardigan. Estuary. Bask.   I have, I must admit, a giant crush on the English language. I am embarrassed to say it is the only language I know fluently. But English is extraordinary. We English speakers have stolen, borrowed, invented, flipped, adapted, coined, misused, repurposed, and dreamed up so many words for so many different […]


I love history, and always have for as long as I can remember. It is a love fostered by my mother, who for years dragged her children to every stately home, castle, cathedral and landmark she could find, with the full conviction that this was simply THE most fun we could possibly be having on […]