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September 08

Reading Should Be Interactive by Chaz Hayden

I have always been a fan of reading, but I really fell in love during 7th grade language arts. It wasn’t just the books we read, although most became lifetime favorites like The Giver and The Westing Game, but it was how my class was taught and immersed in the story. My teacher, Mr. Rem, […]

September 07

The Animal in Me by Carlie Sorosiak

It was the summer of 1998 in suburban North Carolina, and I was prepping—diligently—to become a dog. My favorite book at the time, besides the classic Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, was a body-swapping tale called Help! I’m Trapped in Obedience School Again, by Todd Strasser. In a short 197 pages, it chronicled the ups and downs of […]

September 06

Very Nerdy Books by Tom Angleberger

It’s the eternal question: Is this is a book club that is nerdy or a club for nerdy books? I don’t have the answer, but either way I do have the old space joke books you’re looking for.  And a story to go with it.  A story about a very very bad year in elementary […]

September 05

My Side of the Mountain Made Me Want to Run Away From Home by Logan S. Kline

My Side of the Mountain made me want to run away from home…at least for the summer. I swear this is a good thing, just bear with me a bit longer. I didn’t read this book for pleasure; it was assigned. The unfortunate reality for teachers is they…well, we (I’m a high school art teacher after all) start every lesson in a […]

August 31

Cover Reveal of Trucker Kid by Carol Gordon Ekster

Trucker Kid, my sixth book to come into the hands of children, launches on January 1, 2023. I’m excited for book-loving nerds to be the first to see the cover. Nerdybook Club is where my two passions, education and books, come together with like-minded #kidlit folks. I taught fourth grade for 35 years where everything […]

August 30

Sun After Rain by Rebekah Lowell

Ever since I was a child, nature has been a favorite place for me. I would daydream in the crooks of trees or hang out in the hayfields as the Timothy grass grew taller than me. As an adult nature was still the place where I found solace, even though sometimes I had to appreciate […]

August 23

The Allure of the TBC … by John David Anderson

Fun fact: I didn’t actually write the last three words of the final chapter of my novel Stowaway. My editor did. And I find them to be the three most ambiguous, frustrating and provocative words in the entire book.  To be continued . . . Even now I can’t type them without also adding the ellipses, […]

August 22

Exploring real world injustices with a middle grade audience by Varsha Bajaj

One in ten people, or almost 800 million around the globe, do not have access to clean drinking water. When I learned this statistic, I was shocked. How could that be? Shouldn’t we be alarmed? Why weren’t we talking about it? Water after all is essential for life since we can only survive three-four days […]

August 05

Back-to-School Read Alouds by Melissa Stewart

Are you a member of the #classroombookaday Facebook group? If not, click the link and join right now. Seriously, do it. I’ll stop and wait until you’re done. Okay, now that you have access to an amazing resource that’s going to change the way you think about and share picture books with your students, check […]

July 22

From Stage to Page: How I Discovered the Healing Power of Fiction by Margot Harrison

A fourteen-year-old girl is taking a summer theater program at a local college. She dreams of seeing her name in lights. But right now, rehearsals aren’t going well, and the director is angry. He accuses the cast of not giving their all. He goes around the room and singles out one actor after another, asking […]