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October 07

My Father’s Books by Eugene Yelchin

My father’s books filled the entire wall of our room. We lived in the USSR, in a Soviet-style communal apartment, in which five of us—my parents, my grandmother, my brother, and I—had to share a single room. The room was small, and my father’s books occupied more space than any one of us. My father […]

October 06

Growing Up to Be Superman by Dean Robbins

I was 7 years old, watching TV before bedtime in my footie pajamas. Suddenly, the screen turned blue. Trumpets blared, followed by a whooshing sound. Voices cried: “Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…Superman!” There, hands on his hips, stood a guy with a rippling cape and a big red […]

October 05

Seeing Goodness by Beth Anderson

I grew up in “The Land of Lincoln.” As a child, I learned about Lincoln in school, visited Lincoln sites on vacations, and read about him. My dad, tall and thin with dark hair, reminded me a bit of the sixteenth President. It seems like Abraham Lincoln always had a place in my heart. Now, […]

October 03

TASTY  BOOKS & BIG DREAMS: A RECIPE by Debbi Michiko Florence and Jamie Michalak

“A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.” — Neil Gaiman Our new picture book, Niki Nakayama: A Chef’s Tale in 13 Bites, illustrated by Yuko Jones, is about the inspiring woman who made her big dream come true. When people told Niki that she couldn’t be a chef, she used their […]

October 01

Flights of Fancy in Born Behind Bars by Padma Venkatraman

Born Behind Bars is my 5th novel. So when, on a recent school visit, a young reader piped up, “Why do you have a parrot character?” I really ought not to have been caught unawares. By now, nearly 15 years after my debut novel, Climbing The Stairs was released, you’d have thought I’d be anticipating […]

September 28

The Magic of That Book by Cynthia Lord

As an author, there are moments I’ll remember forever. One such moment for me happened at a small elementary school in Massachusetts. I was doing a school visit, presenting one of my novels to a fifth-grade class. At the end of the program, I showed a slide with all my book covers. A boy in […]

September 24

Developing Digital Detectives by Jennifer LaGarde and Darren Hudgins

Pop Quiz!  Which of the following was released to the public first? The first iPhone Facebook  The CRAAP Test  Youtube  The CARS Checklist If you guessed the uber popular information literacy protocol The CRAAP Test, you’re right! This checklist, which is still widely used by many educators across the country, as a go to tool […]

September 23

Heading Back to School with Healthy Friendship Tools by Laura Shovan and Jessica Speer

“Healthy friendships feel safe and accepting.” This sentence, from the introduction of the new guidebook BFF or NRF? (Not Really Friends): A Girl’s Guide to Happy Friendships (Familius), jumped out at me. “Yes!” was my first reaction. And then, “I wish someone had told me this when I was in middle school.” BFF or NRF? […]

September 21

Chess Puzzles for Fellow Nerds by Steve Sheinkin

I’ve gotten really into chess during the pandemic. Holed up alone in my office, I’ve spent every lunch break for the past eighteen months watching recaps of grandmaster tournaments on YouTube. I love the game, and I love that the international stars of the game make nerdiness look so cool. Meanwhile, between chess videos, I […]

September 18

Who needs books when you have a dead chicken? by Laurenne Sala

I don’t remember much before I was three. I have flashes of imagery from preschool. Tuna casserole. Co-ed bathrooms. Puzzles. Big Bird. I don’t remember my dad leaving, and I definitely don’t recall an empty feeling when it was just me and my mom, together in a two-story house intended for a big family. My […]