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July 30

How Colby Sharp, nErDcamp, and the Nerdy Book Club Inspired a Book by Melissa Stewart

Back in 2012, I was feeling frustrated. The manuscripts I was writing received good feedback from my critique group, but editors just weren’t interested. In an effort to better understand the wide world of nonfiction children’s books and determine what kinds of manuscripts publishers would be most likely to acquire, I began thinking about ways […]

July 29

NARRATING REZ DOGS by Joseph Bruchac

Writing and narrating a novel about people caught in a pandemic during that same event, is pretty unique. But, then again, everything about REZ DOGS was different from anything I’ve done before. To begin with, I wasn’t traveling as I usually do, doing storytelling programs, visiting schools. For months at a time I was home, […]

July 28

Cover Reveal for Some Daddies by Carol Gordon Ekster

Some Daddies, my fifth book to come into the hands of children, launches on May 17th, 2022 and I’m excited for book-loving nerds to be the first to see the cover. You are my people – where my two passions, education and books, come together with like-minded #kidlit folks. I taught fourth grade for 35 […]

July 27

Of Reading, Books and Zonia by Juana Martinez-Neal

I am Juana and was born in Lima, the capital of Peru. You may know me from a book I made about a little girl with a big name and the bigger story behind it. I grew up surrounded by my dad’s art and my mom’s profound, endless love. At our family home, each room […]

July 21

“Give a girl (or a forty-year-old woman) a sword” by Melissa Marr

I began writing The Hidden Knife in 2010. I was pushing forty, and I’d decided to become a mother one more time. As part of prepping for motherhood, I began to exercise. A lot. I was doing Pilates, including trapeze exercises, setting “walk goals” of one hundred miles a month. The side benefit was that […]

July 14

Coping with Grief and Gaining Empathy Through Story and the Lens of History

            Almost unfathomably, this September 11th marks a staggering 20 years since many of us watched in horror as the iconic twin towers fell, and our nation was under attack.              As many adults still work to process the shock and trauma of that day, students not yet born in 2001, grow ever more removed […]

July 13

You Can’t Say That: Who Should Censor Our Children’s Reading? by Leonard S. Marcus

As a historian and critic, I realized long ago that books for young readers are not as innocent as they seem. How could they be? In every generation, the stories we tell our children and teens lay bareour collective hopes and dreams–and fears–for the future. No wonder titles published for young readers always dominate the […]

July 10

Ten Books to Help you Get Ready for the Summer Olympics by Jennifer Swanson

Got sports? The Olympics does, and plenty of them. A huge multinational sports competition held every four years, this is THE sporting event of the world. Well, okay it depends on who you ask, but still, the Olympics are a pretty big deal, especially if you are an athlete. It brings together some of the […]

July 09

What We Know by Heart by Jamie Michalak

As a children’s book author, I spend a lot of time visiting rooms that no longer exist. I try to magically transport myself to the past by recalling the specifics. The names of the board games in my playroom. Or the scent of my first grade classroom—a combination of eraser dust, floor polish, and my […]

July 06

Forever (Bogalusa) This Summer by Leslie C. Youngblood

I was born in a town that forever reigns in my heart and mind: Bogalusa, Louisiana, the setting of my second novel, Forever This Summer. A town of close to twelve thousand, Bogalusa was crowned the “magic city” because of the speed of its construction in 1914. I was a tween before I realized it was […]