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2013 Nerdy Awards for Young Adult Fiction Announced by Teri Lesesne

It has been an amazing year in the world of YA.  The five books honored with Nerdies in YA Fiction certainly demonstrate that YA literature is experiencing another golden age. Three of the winners take a look at the past, one fast forwards to a chilling future, and another explores the very present.  No matter […]

2013 Nerdy Awards for Nonfiction Announced by Justin Stygles

Need a New Year’s resolution?  An addendum to #nerdlution, perhaps?  Try non-fiction (to be a bit vague). This year’s Nonfiction winners are breathtaking, heartbreaking, and mesmerizing. Two books will remind a reader they are reading non-fiction by topic and layout.  The other three, however, may trick the reader. Somewhere in the middle of reading, the […]

The 2013 Nerdy Award Poetry Winners Announced by Mary Lee Hahn

Imagination Releases History Teaches His story Delights Father and son Bond tight Fairy tales Novel telling Five winners All compelling IMAGINATION RELEASES Words With Wings by Nikki Grimes Wordsong author’s website: Gabby is a daydreamer, with lots of reasons to escape into her imagination – her parents have separated and she is the new […]

The 2013 Graphic Novel Winners Announced by Katherine Sokolowski

I’m so excited to share with you the winners of the third annual Nerdy Book Club awards. Each year I’ve written up the post for the winners in the Graphic Novel category and I will continue to do so as long as I can coerce Donalyn, Cindy, and Colby to let me. One reason that […]

The 2013 Nonfiction Picture Book Winners Announced by Karen Terlecky

What a great year to be a reader of nonfiction!  When the Nerdy nominations were announced for this category, I immediately started reserving books at my library that hadn’t already been read.  What a treat I’ve had the past few weeks, immersing myself in fascinating topics!  But the Nerdy Book Club voters have spoken, and […]

The 2013 Early Readers and Chapter Book Winners Announced by Alyson Beecher

Friendship, life lessons, and lots of laughter and humor characterize this year’s Nerdy Early Readers and Chapter Book Winners.  If you also happen to keep track of previous winners, this year two series hold onto their spots from last year.  One of the authors has been a Nerdy winner three years in a row. And, […]

The 2013 Fiction Picture Book Winners Announced by Karin Perry

Happy December 26th – the day after Christmas. The wrapping paper is thrown away, the leftovers are in the fridge, and the family is heading back home. Sometimes this day is filled with relief because the hustle and bustle of the season has come to an end. Sometimes it’s filled with dread because the joy […]

2013 Nerdy Award Ballot

I have spent the past two weeks catching up on any 2013 Nerdy Book Club Award Nominees that I have missed. Using the Nerdy nominees to plan my next few reading experiences, helps me prioritize my end-of-year reading.  I imagine many of you use the nominee list as a to-read list, too. We are, after […]

Our 2nd Nerdversary and The 2013 Nerdy Award Finalists

The Nerdy Book Club began as a confessional hashtag (#nerdybookclub) among book lovers, but it evolved into much more when Colby Sharp and I started this blog two years ago today. Dissatisfied with annual best book lists that didn’t include the books our students loved to read, we decided to start our own book awards, the […]

2013 Nerdy Book Club Award Nominations Begin!

I know you are still reading. I am still reading, too. We will never stop reading, but sometimes we need to take a moment, reflect, and celebrate the books we have enjoyed and shared. It is time for the third annual Nerdy Book Club Awards, the Nerdies. In a sea of end-of-year book lists and […]