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December 01

Past, Present, and Future (Our Eighth Nerdversary) by Donalyn Miller

This Thanksgiving, we were blessed with fifteen dinner guests—spanning four generations of family and friends. Although my mother and aunts have passed the bulk of holiday meal preparation to younger family members, they still hold sway over details like meal times, dress codes, and the menu. It’s tricky to please and honor everyone at the […]

December 23

A Call for Winter Break TBR Stacks Pictures

  It’s been a long time since we have put out a call for photos to make a video. We know though that your break TBR (to be read) stacks have been ordered and reordered – and some of you have already had the benefit of moving some of your titles from the TBR stack to […]

December 18

Nerdy Site News: Schedule Change

Since Nerdy Book Club began on December 1, 2011, we have featured a new blog post every day—sometimes two. Over 1000 people have written for Nerdy—sharing their love for children’s and young adult literature and their commitment to the reading lives of young people. Whether you are a first year teacher or a 30-year veteran, […]

December 14

Nerdy Bookcast Season 1 by Colby Sharp

Last night my daughter and I were reading Raina Telgemeier’s Smile when came to the part in the memoir where Raina begins develop a crush on the character Sean. Reading about crushes with my daughter made me think about a couple of things. 1. I want her to stay young forever. Boys make me nervous. […]

December 11

How to Nominate Books for the Nerdy Book Awards in a Few Easy Steps

Do not forget that you can nominate up to five books in each category for Nerdy Book Club Awards, but you need to do so no later than December 20, 2016, at midnight EST. Think about the books that drew you and your readers in over the past year. Double check to make sure they published […]

December 01

Looking for a Home, Our 5th Nerdversary by Donalyn Miller

  As I child, I thought I was born into the wrong family. My mom and stepdad fought a lot, and worked multiple jobs to pay our bills. My brother, Wendell, was born with cerebral palsy and needed help with daily functions. My sister, Abbie, was retained in second grade for kicking a teacher during […]

September 18

The Nerdy Bookcast by Donalyn Miller

When Colby and I started the Nerdy Book Club blog in 2011, we created a home where authors, illustrators, booksellers, teachers, librarians, administrators, and families can come together to celebrate children’s literature and share ideas for engaging children with lifelong reading. This community has grown into more than a blog and provides year round resources […]

November 04

Books and Beards by Brian Wyzlic

Books are important.   I know, I know: preaching to the choir. But really.   Books. They’re important.   Different experts give slightly different amounts, but most agree that a good classroom library should have between 7 and 10 books per student who uses the room. Combine that with growing class sizes over the past […]

December 20

Nerdy Book Club Award Nominations, #WinterTBR Pictures, and Deadlines!

We have three BIG (and VERY TIMELY!) requests! 1) We’re looking for nominations for the Nerdy Book Club Awards still. Nominations close TONIGHT (12/20) at MIDNIGHT. There won’t be a ballot beyond nominations – so if you haven’t nominated your favorite titles from 2014 yet, you need to do so TODAY. Go to to make […]

December 05

A Call for Pictures: Winter Break TBR Stacks Edition

Thanksgiving Break has always felt like a time for me to be grateful for many things – among them being the extra time to read…and the promise of a longer break in a few weeks to read even more. I’ve been organizing and prioritizing my TBR stack for what I want to read over the winter […]