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November 30

Books My Fifth Graders Are Reading by Colby Sharp

I cannot believe we have already been in school for more than three months. It has been so much fun watching my students find new authors to love, series to devour, and genres to explore. I thought making a video sharing the books we are reading would be a fun way to share what we’re […]

November 28

Refugee by Alan Gratz – Review by Rebecca Karli

Why I picked it:   Refugee first came on my radar this summer through the Global Read Aloud Program (go to the end of this post to read more about this initiative and how to participate). As an ESL teacher, I have taught many refugee students, so I’m always looking for books about and for them. […]

November 14

The Other New Girl by L.B. Gschwandtner – A Book Review by Prasanthi Pathiyil

It all started when Susannah Greenwood and Daria McQueen met after a very long time. Seeing Daria in front of her reminded her of the different episodes of her life, which she thought was long forgotten. Susannah Greenwood started Fox hall Prep School as a sophomore and wanted to be accepted by her peers just […]

October 17

The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo: A Book Review in Verse by Oona Marie Abrams

At the age of ten I was told by the principal: Oona, you are a poet.  So, I wrote poems from that day forward, through seven snowy midwestern winters and summers on the shores of Lake Michigan.   I went to the Writer’s Club in high school because I had a (painfully obvious) crush on […]

August 23

Front Desk by Kelly Yang – Review by Jenny deGroot

Front Desk Kelly Yang Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books Format: Hardcover Pages: 304 Age Range: 8-12 Grade Level: 3-7 Mia’s parents told her that America would be an amazing place.  They would have a big house with a dog, hamburgers every day and doing whatever you want.  And life will be free. But so far, the hamburgers are okay, there […]

August 15

Invictus by Ryan Graudin – Review by Stephanie Galvan Russell

For fans of Dr. Who and Guardians of the Galaxy, Invictus is an invigorating and exciting book. For non-sci-fi loving people, Invictus is EVEN BETTER! It is a sci-fi/time travel story designed for people who don’t like sci-fi. I was incredibly lucky to sit next to Ryan Graudin at the 2017 Texas Library Conference Texas […]

August 08

Time. Perspective. Imagination: Everything You Need for a Treehouse by Mollee Holloman

In their new picture book, Everything You Need for a Treehouse (2018, Chronicle Books), Carter Higgins’ carefully plucked and placed words are gorgeously interpreted by Emily Hughes’ illustrations. Just as each treehouse is extraordinary and unique, this storytelling team captures the diverse experience that each reader brings to the story.   Time | Perspective | […]

July 31

A Splendid and Stunning Read: A Seed Is the Start by Melissa Stewart Review by Jennifer Sniadecki

I’ve been spending my summer getting back to nature as much as possible. While I love exploring my local vacation destinations, I also wonder about nature in other parts of the world. Melissa Stewart has given me a peek into plant life from all over the globe in her new book, A Seed is the […]

July 18

The Benefits of Being an Octopus by Ann Braden – Review by Tracy Murphy

Ann Braden’s forthcoming and debut middle grade novel, The Benefits of Being an Octopus, sank right into me. Set in Vermont, Braden has crafted a unique story that highlights the realities of living in poverty, being both child and caregiver, and the chaos involved in the day-to-day existence of being a middle school girl. The […]

July 11

Captain Superlative by J. S. Puller – Review by Jaymie Dieterle

Captain Superlative has taken Dearwood Park Middle School by storm with her swimsuit-and-tights costume, blue rubber gloves, wig, facemask and cape. You can’t miss her. She seems to know everyone and see everything. She helps injured kids get around the school, distributes peppermints to all the kids who have tests to take, and creates study […]