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September 13

The Power of Literacy: Changing the Narrative of Toxic Masculinity by Travis Crowder

“…And of course there must be something wrong in wanting to silence any song.” -Robert Frost   “I want to question the idea that it’s weak to be emotionally open, to demonstrate that it’s fine for men to be vulnerable and kind, and to recognize the courage it takes to be different.” -Ben Brooks   […]

August 13

Keeping Afloat with Books by Debby Smith

Each school year has its own personality, its own way of being remembered. Last year was like trying to maneuver a raft through whitewater while blindfolded without paddles. After two decades in the classroom, I thought I knew what to expect and what to do. But when one of my students died unexpectedly, standards and […]

July 30

I was that kid. I still write for that kid. by Kevin Sylvester

I just returned from NerdCampMI and heard Dav Pilkey (and many others) talking about “finding the right books for the right kid” and also “any reading is reading”.   Dav talked about his own experience of being told he wasn’t reading the right kind of books – usually comics or silly stories.   And I […]

July 23

Read It Again…and Again by Candice Watkins

What is your favorite movie or tv show?  Do you know whole chunks of dialogue by heart? Do you own it in multiple formats or have the ability to stream it on a medley of devices?     Now, could you imagine someone having the audacity to tell you one single viewing of your favorite […]

July 16

Kinda A Reader by Ona Feinberg

We were touring the Lodge when the innkeepers mentioned the library. Courtney and Matt had already been so generous with their time, but my kids practically squealed, “Oh, yes!  We HAVE to see the library!”   The children climbed the steps ahead of me, stepping on the dog blockade, and commenting on how this was […]

July 02

Setting Them Up For A Lifetime Of Reading by Clare Landrigan

Do I have a library card? I stop typing, hit save, and turn around to face my son. I know I had one, but I don’t know where it is or if it is still active. Why do you ask? I want to reread the Harry Potter books this summer.  I thought I could get […]

June 09

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning… by Mark Overmeyer

My first year teaching, I was one of the lucky ones.   I had come out of a strong student teaching experience, and my new teacher colleagues provided a perfect balance of providing support and letting me try (and often fail) and try again.   And my class– I will never forget my incredible sixth […]

June 04

Thank You by Ashton Wronikowski

Dear J.K. Rowling, Rupi Kaur, Markus Zusak, David Arnold, Ruta Sepetys, Jeff Zentner, Thank you. For making me cry so hard that one box of tissues isn’t enough. For the strange looks I get when a burst of laughter escapes my chest at your words. For the sleepless nights in which I’ve had to tape […]

May 28

Summer Reading Plans by Katherine Sokolowski

On the day this post goes live, May 28th, my students and I will have said good-bye. It is, officially, our first day of summer vacation. This is a time for many teachers that is bittersweet. We absolutely need a break, as do our students, but we also hate to see them go. This year […]

May 19

Hot Air Balloon Moments by Susan Knell

I’ve never taken a ride in a hot air balloon and never will because I’m scared of heights. I do love love to watch them gliding through the sky with all the bright colors floating by and I would love to see the hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque sometime. My best friend’s father was […]