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October 06

Readers, in Spite of School by Donalyn Miller

  I am endlessly fascinated with readers—what and why they read, how they became readers and sustain a reading habit, and the ways reading has shaped their worldview and their identity development.   I know other folks are endlessly fascinated with other aspects of reading and reading instruction including phonics, comprehension, or vocabulary. All of […]

September 30

When Reading is More Than Just a Story by Carrie Rodusky

Sometimes I come across a story that is so special, so important, that I almost do not even feel worthy enough to have been part of something so beautiful; like I was let in on a secret and that secret changes me.   I read many books. Not only because I love to read, but […]

September 16

Inspiration to Read written by Ryan Eckart

I wasn’t always a reader.  In fact, I wasn’t a reader until I became an elementary principal and a special person entered my life.  Growing up, I hated reading. In 7th grade, I remember my parents meeting with my teacher to figure out why I couldn’t remember anything I was reading.  From what I can […]

September 14

Building Each Other Up Makes the World (and our Reading and Writing) so Much Better by Theodora (Lolly) Salazar

As if I needed any more evidence of authors’ support for each other, I had the pleasure of reading some Twitter posts with pictures of Laurie Halse Anderson listening intently from the balcony as Jason Reynolds addressed an audience at this year’s Nerd Camp in Michigan!  In our society these days, we see such a […]

September 09

A Reading Life Is Not Linear by Clare Landrigan

“Thank you … I have been thinking about what you said”.   I turn to locate the voice and wonder, “Is he talking to me?”   Our eyes meet.    “You came to my class last week.  You told us that reading wasn’t always easy for you. No teacher ever says that.  I have been […]

September 07

How the Book Julian’s A Mermaid Finally Changed My Thinking by Deana Metzke

Let me start by saying that I have read and understand the issues connected with the book Julian is a Mermaid. This piece is not written in support or non-support of the book, but rather an explanation of how the topic of the book affected my growth and the thinking of those around me. Julian […]

September 02

If You Really Want to Change the World, Read a Book by Morgan Jackson

I can’t know everything about everyone, everywhere. No one can.  I’ll never forget reading Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings for the first time with a group of high school juniors. I had a class of 21 students with just 4 girls and 11 of the 17 boys played varsity football.  We […]

July 29

Reading For Them by Alicia Abdul

A few years ago I wrote a blog post on my professional site called “I’m the lucky one” bidding goodbye to five special students that I had the pleasure of being their librarian for four years of high school. Several of them I still maintain regular contact with and one in particular still revolves around […]

July 15

Confessions of a Reading Mom by Jodi-Beth Moreno

My fellow book lovers, I have a confession to make. I am failing and I am failing miserably. I am not sure how this happened, and I don’t think I have ever felt more ashamed, but I have a “resistant” reader in my house. I know what all the research says, and I have spent […]

June 17

“I Like Your Hair Better Down”: An Examination of YA Male Protagonists and Their Obsession With The Way Females Wear Their Hair by Janine Quimby

In the second half of the Victorian dramatic monologue “Porphyria’s Lover” by Robert Browning, the speaker of the poem, allegedly so overcome with Porphyria’s goodness and virginal beauty (and thus wanting to prevent her from spoiling her innocence), commits the following act: “A thing to do, and all her hair/ In one long yellow string […]