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August 06

Make Me a Match! Ten Love Connections Between YA Novels and Nonfiction Books by Oona Marie Abrams

One of many takeaways from #NerdCampNJ was the “love connections” teachers and administrators were making between texts. For example, several teachers and administrators shared that they’re now designing units that include Tom Rinaldi’s The Red Bandanna, Gae Polisner’s The Memory of Things, or Nora Raleigh Baskin’s Nine, Ten. This got me thinking about other “love […]

July 29

Ten Books featuring Characters with a Genetic Condition by Yolanda Ridge

Even though I’m a science geek with a master’s degree in genetics, I don’t really like to read non-fiction. Knowing I’m not alone, I have compiled a list of fiction titles that introduce young readers to the principles of genetics through a character who has a condition caused by a single gene or chromosomal change. […]

July 20

TOP TEN Ways NerdCampMI Saved Our Professional Careers by Jennifer Sniadecki, Melanie Roy, and Kelly Vorhis

NerdCampMI is an “ed camp” annual event where teachers from all over the country (and the world!) meet in Parma, Michigan to learn together with authors, illustrators, and other fabulous educators. We feel that the event is hands-down the best summer professional development out there. Nerd Camp Michigan started 5 years ago and has grown […]

July 15


This is a difficult time for schools, for our country and our world. No matter what your beliefs, parents and teachers can’t help but be concerned about what is happening and how our kids have been exposed to it. Even if we do our best to protect them from the media, they go to school […]

July 01

Top Ten MG Books to Use as Read Alouds Beginning of Year by Cassie Thomas

When students enter the classroom at the first of the year, a lot of schools are spending days/weeks on ensuring respect, understanding, and creating a classroom culture of family. To do this more effectively and spark conversation, I have learned that opening each year with a book that touches on character traits such as respecting […]

June 24

Top 10 Yoga Picture Books for Kids by Kate Olson

  Breathe in………breathe out…….now STREEETTTCCCHHH your arms up to the sky. Bring them in front of your chest and….Namaste.   Just typing these words relaxes me and quiets my mind. I found yoga for the first time while training for the Chicago Marathon in 2003, and used it then as a forced flexibility practice on […]

June 10

Top Ten Books My Students Use to Question, Discover, Wonder, and Wish by Alison Daniels

It’s a Friday morning. I sit down with my 6th graders, floating from group to group, getting lost in their conversations. The barrier between teacher voice and student voice disappears until we are just a table of readers. As a table of readers, each of us possessing agency, we discover and rediscover, we see and […]

June 03

Top 10 Children’s Books to Inspire Creativity by Kristen Williams

In a time when video games seem to rule the kid scene and funding for the arts is on the chopping block, we should highlight the many wonderful books out there involving art and artists. From preschool to middle school these books are sure to inspire kids to go out and create masterpieces of their […]

May 27

10 Impressive (and Popular) YA Novels According to Mrs. Krajewski’s Students

Reading is a true passion of mine, and I make it an integral part of my high school English classroom. Ask any of my students, and they will tell you I know a lot about books. I have to, for if I didn’t, I don’t think my passion would be as contagious. Now that we […]

May 20

Ten Types of Books That Are Hooking My MOST Reluctant Readers by Wendy Gassaway

I teach reading to middle schoolers who read two or more years below grade level.  I am a fierce believer in the power of reading workshop and choice, but I continue to struggle with a sizable minority of students who Won’t. Read. ANYTHING.  I feel like I offer a wide range of material, and I’m […]