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March 24

Top Ten Middle Grade Novels in Verse by Kaitlyn Ilinitch

I absolutely love novels in verse.  I can’t get enough of this genre, and I am always on the lookout for new titles. As a student, I had always been drawn to poetry, but ever since I read Brown Girl Dreaming in 2015, my love for poetry has grown immensely. What is so great about […]

March 17

A Mistake Is Only a Mistake If You Don’t Learn From It, Ten Books to Use with Children in a Restorative Approach by Stacey Sawyer

My students strive to follow our school Code of Conduct but even on the best of days mistakes happen and someone is hurt by the actions of another. My goal is always to resolve relationship-damaging incidents and also to prevent them from happening again.  I use a restorative approach while working with disciplinary issues. Restorative […]

March 10

Top Ten Books as Additions to Your Ethnic Studies by Valinda Kimmel

Those of us from minority backgrounds often fail to see ourselves in our school texts, let alone have opportunities to engage with the kinds of knowledge that meaningful representation makes possible. By that we mean representation that transcends mere depiction to encourage meaningful engagement with and reflection on diverse experiences and ways of knowing. As […]

March 04

Showering Students with Short Texts—Top 10 Poetry Books For Any Day, Not Just a Rainy Day in April by Dionna N. Roberts

In honor of February being the shortest month of the year, I would like to dedicate this top ten list to poetry—one of my favorite forms of short text. Short texts are sure to engage and inspire readers of all ages. There’s something about rhythm and rhyme that engages young people and causes them to […]

March 03

Pick Of The Litter-Ten Perfect Picture Book Pooches by Hayley Barrett

My husband possesses many sterling qualities—his paella-making proficiency comes to mind—but he’s not the bookish sort. We don’t talk about books. I didn’t expect we ever would. Then something happened.   I mentioned I was compiling a list of dog-centered books for The Nerdy Book Club’s blog, and he instantly inquired, “Like Sounder?”   I […]

March 02

31 New Picture Book Biographies to Celebrate Women’s History Month by Kate Hannigan

Like any great creation, Women’s History Month traces its roots to the tiniest seed of an idea—or in this case, a single date on the calendar: National Woman’s Day. First observed on February 28, 1909, it was organized by the Socialist Party of America to call for equal rights for women on the job and […]

February 24

10 Books for Teaching Empathy with Diverse Authors by Megan Fink Brevard

The many pleasures of reading are a joy to those adults and students who find  the reading allows you to enjoy losing yourself in a book and finding a window into another person’s life.  As a school librarian, I also see the wisdom of using books to teach empathy to children and teens.  Reading about […]

February 19

A KidLit Visit to Massachusetts: Top 10 Stops Along the Way by Lesley Burnap

I am proud of my home state in the book-nerdiest of ways: We seem to be crawling with folks working in the industry of children’s literature! Growing up in the western part of Massachusetts, I was aware of literary icons Jane Yolen, Norton Juster and Eric Carle living nearby. Fast forward about 40 years and […]

February 17

Ten Picture Books for Talent Development by Sarah Haywood

I work with gifted students, and there is somewhat of a paradigm shift occurring in this field. Traditionally, students have been identified as gifted and then provided with modifications and/or services. Recently, research has shown that a “talent development” approach may be more beneficial for students. One way this can be done is to conduct […]

February 10

My Top Ten Books I Booktalk Every Year by Julie DeMicco

I teach junior high students. Junior high students who mostly don’t like to read. Junior high students who are only in my class because they have scored poorly on our state reading test. Junior high students who would rather not be in my class because if they weren’t, they could have a study hall. Needless […]