September 25

Cover Reveal: Taking Up Space by Alyson Gerber

To my readers— In these unprecedented times, when space and access to food is limited and comparative suffering is prevalent, my hope is that Taking Up Space will help readers recognize how much they matter and see that if something negative is taking up space in their minds, even if there isn’t a name for […]

September 24

Investigating Beyond the Book with Fiction and Facts by David A. Kelly

Did you hear about the first major league baseball team to hire a group of dogs? One of the great things about writing the Ballpark Mysteries chapter book series is that I get to visit, and research, baseball stadiums and teams. Heck, I even get to expense my hot dogs and pretzels (and perhaps a […]

September 22

Book Trailer Reveal: SWISH! THE SLAM-DUNKING, ALLEY-OOPING, HIGH-FLYING HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS by Don Tate (illustrator) and Suzanne Slade (author)

  Three years. That’s how long it took me (Suzanne) to gather the courage to start writing Swish!: The Slam-Dunking, Alley-Ooping, High-Flying Harlem Globetrotters.       There was never any doubt I wanted to write it. I’ve been a huge Globetrotter fan as long as I can remember. Plus (little-known fact), the team began […]

September 21

The Do’s and Don’ts of Raising Readers by Jen Kleinknecht

Air conditioning taught me how to read.   It sounds crazy, but it’s true. We didn’t have central air conditioning in the home where I grew up. We could have afforded it, but we didn’t have it. What a blessing that I didn’t have everything we could afford. It gave me a reason to work […]

September 20

Please Join Kimberly Brubaker Bradley and Colby Sharp LIVE Tuesday Evening

On Tuesday night, Nerdy Book Club will host a conversation between Kimberly Brubaker Bradley and Colby Sharp. They will be discussing Kimberly’s latest book Fighting Words. You can join the conversation live (or afterwards) in the following places: Colby Sharp’s YouTube account Nerdy Book Club’s Facebook Page Colby Sharp’s Twitter account Penguin Books for Young […]

September 18

A HEART IS BORN by Carol Coven Grannick

In February, 2020, I revealed the cover of my debut novel in verse, REENI’S TURN, here at Nerdy Book Club, writing about the struggle to hold on to the heart of the story through years of contradictory input and my own discovery of story and character through the writing, rewriting, re-visioning. The book’s virtual launch […]

September 16

On reading by Poppy Nwosu

Growing up in an isolated cane-farming community in central North Queensland, reading was a very important part of my childhood. We lived an hour drive away from our nearest town, so had to travel that far to buy groceries or visit a shopping centre. I spent a lot of time sitting in the car and […]

September 09

Unchildrening the Children by Beth Kephart

July 2020   Something terrifying happens when people in power don’t steal away to the shade beneath a tree (or a corner in a house, or a private place inside a plane), open the pages of a good novel, and read. When they don’t train their brains on the lives of others. Don’t put themselves […]

A Poem from Sophia Thakur

SELF LOVE   For yourself you must Never run out of it Never start doubting it Never lose reason or hope in how powerful it is when you devour it when you empower it When you write it down and decide to stop cowering away from the promise that has always lived inside that asks […]

September 01

Origin Stories by Amy Alznauer

  I want to talk about origin stories, not just my origins as a reader and writer, but how every story is in some sense an origin story. And I’m not just thinking of those tortured, transformative backstories of comic book heroes, involving murdered parents, genetic mutation, and acts of God. I’m thinking of the […]