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October 12

Nothing Ever Really Happens: A Conversation with A.S. King

Today, Nerdy Book Club member Brian Wyzlic talks with Nerdy Book Club author A.S. King. Come, join in the conversation!   Hi, Amy! It’s great to be talking with you today about your work, specifically your newest book, Still Life with Tornado. Thanks for joining me!   Thanks so much for having me around, Brian. […]

September 23

A.S. King and I Crawl Through It: Twisting Reality to Let Truth Drip Out – Interview by Kim McCollum-Clark

The best books are impossible to “blurb.”  They contain multitudes and up-end our expectations of what will happen between the covers.  A.S. King’s new book, I Crawl Through It, is one of these.  In it, four teenagers try to cope with family life, high school, and invisible helicopters while being mothered by Hawkeye Pierce, assisted […]

October 15

A.S. King & Cindy Minnich: A Conversation About Glory O’Brien

AMY: Hi Cindy! Thank you for having me around to chat about Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future. I admit I have no idea what to talk about.   CINDY: I’m more curious in what you want to talk about. What are you wishing people were asking you?   AMY: For this book, I’m getting […]

How Paul Zindel Saved My Life by A.S. King

When you’re an author, people ask you when you knew you wanted to be a writer. When you write for teens, they ask you what you were reading as a teen. Truth is, I’d forgotten the answers to these important questions during my 15-year-long journey to publication. The answer I’d been giving (awkwardly, believe me) […]