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November 16

On how I got into publishing, why talking about books is important, and a sneak peek into Penguin’s Spring 2017 list by Alexis Watts

I graduated college in 2009 – at the time, I was the baby of the family and the last of my generation to move the tassel.  I remember feeling crazy special; my whole family flew in to see me (and I secretly think, to visit San Francisco). There were hugs, and catch-up’s, congratulations, and the […]

June 15

Talking About Books by Alexis Watts

Dear Nerdy Book Club,   I’ve never felt I fit the “reader” stereotype (or what I thought of it as growing up): I’m not quiet, I was never shy, and up until recently I never needed glasses. From afar, I appear extroverted: always loud in excitement or with a new idea or passion or dream, […]