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April 29

The Princess, the Pea, and the Poemo sapien OR “Why don’t poets just say what they mean?” by Allan Wolf

This is my third time in the guest nerd seat. In the past few years, I have confessed to being an adult-onset bibliophile. I have told the story of how I used to write on my bedroom walls. And I have admitted to being only a “5” on the Nerdometer Scale.   I’m most excited about […]

March 05

The Day the Universe Exploded My Head: Confessions of a Reluctant Reader

Dear Nerdy Book Club Nerds,   I begin my guest blog with a confession.  I am an imposter. I am not worthy.  On the Nerd-o-meter scale, I’d rank myself at about a “5.” And in the nerdy world of nerd-dom, a “5” doesn’t even really count.   I do exhibit nerd-like behaviors of course. I […]

February 17

Realizations on Writing and Reading by Allan Wolf

Writing nearly killed me. Reading saved my life.   At least that is how I saw it, almost thirty years ago, when I was fresh out of grad school teaching freshman composition at Virginia Tech.   I was twenty five years old. As a child I had endured years of manic writing binges that started […]