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April 18

It’s Hard Being a Hero by John David Anderson

It’s hard being a hero. This is a glaringly obvious theme in most of my books. In fact, I’m pretty sure one of my characters has ham-fistedly said “Gosh, it sure is hard being a hero,” right before donning their mask, unsheathing their sword, or fashioning their fireball and engaging in an act of bravado. […]

June 02

Who is Ms. Bixby? by John David Anderson

It’s a question I’ve been asked already, easily gleaned from the title and cover copy, I assume. It is a question that I secretly dread, because I feel like my answer can do nothing but disappoint. I suspect the person asking suspects that there is a cut-and-dried answer. That there is one haloed, quote-spouting, Stand-and-Deliver […]

June 17

Why Dungeon Diving is Like Writing by John David Anderson

I am armed. With Post-it notes and Atomic Fireballs (the sucking-on kind, not the scorching-your-enemies kind). My muses sit beside me: Homer Simpson and Doctor Doofenschmirtz. Mark Twain and Chewbacca. I wield something even mightier than a sword—a Toshiba laptop. It is time. I am going to write today. There is a very good chance […]