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October 14

On Monsters by Anne Ursu

I have a fair few monsters in the books I’ve written, and something I’ve noticed about them is that monsters tend to crawl out of places societies have tried to keep hidden. After the Brett Kavanaugh hearings I desperately needed to find something to say to young people about power and patriarchy but I could […]

February 12


The first thing I wrote for The Lost Girl, back in 2015, was a scene about an identical twin named Iris who, when she was little, had had nightmares about the Pied Piper. Her father told her the fable as a bedtime story, thinking of it, as everyone does, as a fable about people who […]

Reading in the Wild by Anne Ursu

A year ago, my little boy learned to read.   He’d been staring at books in his room at night all summer—way past when any respectable mother of a five-year-old would have declared lights out. I thought he was studying the pictures, and I figured any time spent with books was good. I had no […]

Cover Reveal: THE REAL BOY by Anne Ursu by Illustrator Erin McGuire

I’m so excited to reveal the cover for Anne Ursu’s The Real Boy. After working with this same team for Breadcrumbs, I was thrilled to be asked back for Anne’s next book. Breadcrumbs had so much wonderful imagery for me to work with, and I wondered what her new script had in store for me. […]