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May 21

Ten Books For the Earliest Readers by Annie McMahon Whitlock

When I was pregnant with my daughter Maggie, guests to my baby showers brought books as gifts. It was great to build her first book collection and to see what everyone else thought was necessary reading for the young children. There were so many great books that I looked forward to reading her stories from […]

August 26

A Woman’s Place is in the House (and Senate!) by Annie McMahon Whitlock

Whether we like it or not, the 2016 election is already everywhere we look—and no doubt our students will have questions as they are inundated with information for the next year and a half. There is a need for resources that teachers can use to teach about government and the election process that is unbiased. […]

Lumos! How Harry Potter Switched the Light On My Reading Life by Annie McMahon Whitlock

As a kid, I literally read everything. I loved to read so much that I had no discernment. I read every single book that anyone put in front of me. Even though my high-school-English teacher-literature-loving dad hated that I spent so much time reading “junk” (his words) like Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High, I […]

One Book, One Hen, One Big Impact by Annie McMahon Whitlock

One morning in a fifth-grade class at Lanley Elementary, students are writing a script for an all-school loudspeaker advertisement announcing the opening of their store and creating a bulletin board of statistics about teenage homelessness in their community.  Students are stuffing cotton into blue balloons to make “stress balls” and getting input from their classmates […]