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January 27

WRITING REAL by Augusta Scattergood

I love answering young readers’ questions: “Which character are you, Glory or Jesslyn?” “Is your dog named Ginger Rogers?” “When you were our age, did you like to play baseball, tap dance, or swimming?”   Here’s a confession from me and other writers who answered my questions. Authors frequently take big and little personal recollections […]

April 23

What’s in a Name? by Augusta Scattergood

Most of the writers you and I know agree: giving a character just the right name is crucial to her personality. Motivation, appeal, distrust, dislike, or whatever we’re trying to make you feel as a reader turns on finding exactly the right moniker. Most of us love that process.   Two examples hop quickly to […]

April 01

Take Me Out to the Ballgame by Augusta Scattergood

True confessions (Don’t you love a story that begins with those two words?).   When I’m writing a novel, I occasionally add embellished details from my real life. As do many writers. Of course, by the time I complete the final draft they may not be recognizable. But some of my settings, an occasional character, […]

Top Ten Things I’ve Learned From Kids About Writing a Book by Augusta Scattergood

One of the best things about discovering a second career as an author after many years as a librarian? Having the great good fortune to be in classrooms again. How many times during the years I spent writing and trying to get my first book published did I wish for wisdom from the mouths of […]