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November 12

Cover Reveal: EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT YOU by Barbara Dee

The summer after my freshman year in college, I visited Spain, and  at the end of the trip found that I’d gained a few pounds. So, without telling anyone or seeing a doctor or getting any nutritional advice, I went on a diet, which basically consisted of limiting calories. Severely. The diet felt good. It […]

September 14

Getting Personal by Barbara Dee

HALFWAY NORMAL is out this month, and I’m getting nervous. Not for the usual reasons (“Will they like this book? Will it sell?”). What I’m nervous about is the public-appearance piece, especially the inevitable questions about my son’s health. When I first thought of writing this book, I made a deal with my son: I’d […]

March 23

Please Don’t Talk About Your Book by Barbara Dee

“Barbara? Can I please speak to you a minute? In private?” Teacher X was beckoning me to the back of the auditorium. It was the end of the break after my second author talk. I had already spoken to 120 sixth graders. Three sessions (and 180 more kids) to go. A few months before, I’d […]

September 20

The Truth behind TRUTH OR DARE by Barbara Dee

My sixth novel had the unlikeliest inspiration: a YouTube video. Remember this one, titled First Moon Party? A few years ago, it went viral. Everyone was chatting about it, charmed by its mischievous humor and its empathy for the mom and daughter going through that most sensitive time, a girl’s first period. At the time the video […]

July 26

STAR-CROSSED Cover Reveal by Barbara Dee

I’m a straight woman, long and happily married to my college boyfriend. But when I was in middle school, I had a crush on my best friend. Who was a girl. There, I said it. I couldn’t say it back in middle school, because…well, you just didn’t. Even if the crushee knew (and in my […]

June 12

Ten Things My Dog Taught Me About Writing by Barbara Dee

Almost two years ago, my family adopted a hound from Rescue Me Clifford, an organization in Illinois named after the Big Red Dog of kidlit. The dog we brought into our home was about two years old (you can never know for sure with rescues), ridiculously sweet, grateful for everything, and quiet. But even though […]