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September 06

Get Back Up by Ben Thompson and Erik Slader

It was a hot summer day in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, and Orville and Wilbur Wright were about to show off a project that was over two years in the making.  They’d tested designs, built blueprints, double-checked calculations, and built a machine with their bare hands in the burning heat of Kill Devil Hills that […]

Fake News, George Washington, and the Plight of the Overworked History Educator by Ben Thompson

For any of you who have been unlucky enough to find yourselves unexpectedly tractor-beamed into the horrific quagmire of misery known as the Internet Political Comment Flame War, you’ve almost certainly encountered a particularly wide-ranging and equally-noxious sub-section of humanity that loves to spray the phrase “Fake News” around, repeatedly, in full-capslock, with all the […]

November 11

History Is Awesome by Ben Thompson

Let’s get one thing straight right now:  History is awesome.  And if you’re one of those humorless contrarian haters who oh-so-proudly profess that the study of history “just isn’t your thing,” you’re wrong.   History is, by definition, the study of every single thing that has ever happened anywhere in the universe.  It covers everything […]