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September 18

A HEART IS BORN by Carol Coven Grannick

In February, 2020, I revealed the cover of my debut novel in verse, REENI’S TURN, here at Nerdy Book Club, writing about the struggle to hold on to the heart of the story through years of contradictory input and my own discovery of story and character through the writing, rewriting, re-visioning. The book’s virtual launch […]

February 20

HOLDING ONTO ‘HEART’ by Carol Coven Grannick

Once upon a time, I repeatedly found myself wide awake at two in the morning. As an early riser, I was already too alert to return to sleep. One night I decided to get out of bed and do something, and that decision was a turning point in my life. I went into the room […]

January 15

BEYOND WONDERFUL—ON THE NIGHT OF THE SHOOTING STAR by Amy Hest, illustrations by Jenni Desmond – Review by Carol Coven Grannick

The children sit on a rug, in two uneven rows at my feet. I am on a preschool chair with a book in my hands, as yet unopened. Someone whispers. Someone else pokes someone. But then the quiet settles. “Hello, Friends,” I say. “This is one of my favorite books.” It’s my weekly reading time […]