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October 22

Seventy-Five Days. Two Very Different Women. One Incredible Race. by Caroline Starr Rose

In the late 1800s, only two percent of American journalists were women. Most newspapers assigned them pieces about fashion, homemaking, or society gossip—hardly the kinds of stories that would be considered news. But a journalist named Nellie Bly insisted her reporting equaled any man’s. She refused to take on such work.   I owned a […]

February 07

Huck Finn Inspired Storytelling by Caroline Starr Rose

When I started working on my latest novel, Jasper and the Riddle of Riley’s Mine, I knew I wanted to write about the Klondike Gold Rush. I’d first stumbled upon this bit of history while researching the frontier for my novel, May B. Here was a larger-than-life event that had driven the world into gold-fever […]

July 28

Resilience and Restoration — Over in the Wetlands: A Hurricane-on-the-Bayou Story by Caroline Starr Rose and Rob Dunlavey

I moved to Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana in 2007, a few months short of Hurricane Katrina’s second anniversary. To see the marks of devastation New Orleans still carried, to hear the daily conversations, it was clear Katrina, “the single most catastrophic natural disaster in U.S. history,” had left a lasting impact on countless lives.   What […]

June 26

Cover Reveal: Blue Birds by Caroline Starr Rose

Before we share the cover, we are able to share some information about the process of creating a cover. Here to explain her part of the process in creating the cover for Blue Birds is Art Director Irene Vandervoort: After reading a book, how do you proceed with the design process? Once a list is assigned […]

March 03

One Day You Will by Caroline Starr Rose

Each Friday in my fifth-grade class, we were required to turn in a book report and recite a newly memorized poem. No kidding. (In my teaching days, when students told me the amount of reading I asked of them was far too hard [thirty minutes a night, if you’re curious], I’d tell them about Mrs. […]

My Reading Life by Caroline Starr Rose

My reading life began with a picture book called The Littlest Rabbit. I would solemnly quote the first page, “Everybody is bigger than I am,” entertaining my family by (unknowingly) speaking the truth about my place in the big, wide world. That world placed limitations on what I could do and where I could go, […]