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January 14

Picture Book Believing: Sharing Picture Books with Intermediate Students by Carrie Gelson

Stories have the potential to alter our perceptions about our world. We need stories. Lots and lots of them. Picture books, shared in a classroom where writing, thinking and discussion happen, offer countless opportunities for each of us to grow in how we understand each other, our place in our communities and in the larger […]

April 03

Books That My Children and I Treasured When They Were Tiny by Carrie Gelson

When I had my twins (who are now eleven!) I had a baby shower after they were born. I remember sitting around a table, passing around sleeping babies and opening gifts from dear friends. One of the sweetest presents I opened that day was a book collection put together by a childhood friend and her […]

Look to the North! My Ten Favourite Canadian Illustrators and Their Books by Carrie Gelson

To say that I love picture books would be a serious understatement. I can fall in love with a book simply because of one image on one page. One of my favourite books of 2013 was The Man with the Violin written by Kathy Stinson and illustrated by Dušan Petričić. Find that book and open […]

Book Monsters Unite by Carrie Gelson

I am a primary teacher. My job involves many things but my number one goal and my biggest passion is growing readers. I make sure our classroom is full of books. I book talk new books daily. There is time to choose books and time to read what we have selected. We have buddy reading […]

The Grandparent Effect by Carrie Gelson

Two years ago, I taught a little boy named Emilio in Grade 3.  In his first week of Grade 4, Emilio showed up at my door every day at 3 p.m. He would stand there and give me a big smile, sometimes a hug and tell me quite seriously, “I really miss this class.” When I […]

A Love Of Reading Starts Between Us

I teach at a tiny inner city school, located in Vancouver’s downtown eastside. The school is located in what some have described is the country’s poorest postal code. Looking at factors from census statistics like parents’ educational attainment and the number of families living below the poverty line, our school is described as vulnerable even […]