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July 09

So What Are You Reading? by Cindy Minnich

It’s a Monday morning that looks a lot like most of my summer Monday mornings. I’m sitting here with a cup of coffee, looking at my phone. Most mornings, admittedly, I’m either reading a book on it or scrolling through social media to see what everyone else was up to last night after I went […]

November 24

Pausing to Be Thankful by Cindy Minnich

I often spend some quiet time on Thanksgiving reflecting on the many blessings I have had in my life – a practice not confined to our American holiday, but enjoyed as frequently as daily some months and weekly or monthly at other times. Some days my list includes coffee and quiet – particularly after the […]

November 29

Inheritance by Cindy Minnich and David Walthour

I have inherited many things from my father: a love of Monty Python, silly puns*, and books. Oh, there have always been books around me for as long as I can remember. Books for me and my brother. Books for my dad. Books purchased and books borrowed. Though my snarky sense of humor has served […]

October 08

What We Bless by Cindy Minnich

I can tell who my graphic novel fanatics are as soon as I make a point of telling my classes where to find the graphic novels in the high school library (741.5, along the wall by the hallway, near the bottom of the shelf) – they look relieved. I suspect, though I don’t know, that […]

December 27


When you live with a small child, the world is filled with questions – What is this? How does that work? Why are things the way they are? Who made this? Curiosity is everywhere — and it is contagious. When my son started to ask questions – something that I am grateful has not stopped […]

November 30

The Books We Have Loved Together by Cindy and Bryson Minnich

When I asked my son Bryson about what makes him the luckiest reader on the planet (which is totally my opinion), he told me it’s because he has lots of books to read. But when I asked him which books he liked the most, he was quick to point out that the ones that are […]

November 01

Top Ten Characters I Wish I Would’ve Been for Halloween by Cindy Minnich

I’m going to start out by saying that I did dress up this year. And not unlike the year that I dressed up like Death from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comic book series, most students didn’t know who I was. I wore loose mismatched clothes and my thick-lensed glasses, carried around a teacup and a wand and pretended […]

October 15

A.S. King & Cindy Minnich: A Conversation About Glory O’Brien

AMY: Hi Cindy! Thank you for having me around to chat about Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future. I admit I have no idea what to talk about.   CINDY: I’m more curious in what you want to talk about. What are you wishing people were asking you?   AMY: For this book, I’m getting […]

August 19

POLL: Your Favorite Summer Reads

Summer vacation has always, for me, been about getting extra time to read. As a kid, I didn’t have to cram extra reading time by the light of my red glowing LED clock; I had full days with extra daylight hours to devour books. As an adult, I could wake up and go curl up […]

August 03

Happy Esther Day, Nerdy Friends!

I just returned home yesterday after a magical week at summer camp. I spent a full week in an old stone house with five teenage girls and one lucky counselor at Hartman Center, a church camp for our conference, doing what we love most: reading and writing – and talking about reading and writing. My […]