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October 13

Mr. Wonderful by Chris Dexter

One day, some students jokingly called him “Mr. Wonderful” in class.  The nickname stuck and adorned nametags, student-made signs, and professionally made signs throughout his classroom.  The name fits.  Some called him their middle school English teacher.  Others called him the go-to guy for answering grammar questions.  Many called him an educational leader. He was […]

February 20

It All Started with a Black Bear Cub: Author Ben Mikaelsen – by Chris Dexter

One of my favorite middle grade and young adult authors is Ben Mikaelsen.  Maybe it is because he lives in Bozeman, Montana, less than two hours away from where I live.  Perhaps it is because his first book that I read was Rescue Josh McGuire, and I recognized some of the setting locations that he […]

What is the Truth? by Chris Dexter

I have always been captivated by World War II and the individuals, on both sides, who were involved in it.  I am in awe of the people who lived through it, who fought and survived, who witnessed and lived through the horrors and found a way in which to forgive, who fought and did not […]

Book Hounds by Chris Dexter

“Hi, Indy!”  “Can I pet Alice?”  “I read with Chloe.”  “I have Seamus’ bookmark.” Students are on their way to class.  Staff hurries to and from the office getting ready for the day. A paraprofessional stops to say hi and pet Indy.  “This is a great way to start the day.  Now I know it […]