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November 30

PLAYING WITH HISTORY by Christopher Healy

Worldbuilding may well be my favorite aspect of writing. When working on my Hero’s Guide series of fairy tale adventures, it gave me immeasurable joy simply to sketch maps of the thirteen kingdoms in which the stories would take place. I love challenging myself with the creation of  fantastical settings in which to house my tales, and […]

The Character That Got Away, or A Requiem for the King of the Dudes by Christopher Healy

My middle-grade trilogy, A Perilous Journey of Danger & Mayhem, takes place in 1883 America. Okay, not exactly 1883 America, since the real 1883 America did not have robots, flying machines, and transforming motorized aqua-cars. But even with its Jules Verne-esque sci-fi elements, I knew that writing this saga was going to require a lot […]

October 02


There’s a special kind of anxiety that grips you when see your child’s school on Caller ID. You can generally assume a teacher isn’t calling to say, “Your kid did nothing objectionable today—keep up the good work!” So when I answered the call from my daughter’s second grade teacher, I braced myself—correctly—for some unhappiness on […]


It’s hard for me to say exactly when I started loving books. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t. I have incredibly fond memories of sounding out words in order to read Harry the Dirty Dog to my infant brother on our family’s green shag carpeting; of unnecessarily hiding under a blanket to read […]