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December 14

Nerdy Bookcast Season 1 by Colby Sharp

Last night my daughter and I were reading Raina Telgemeier’s Smile when came to the part in the memoir where Raina begins develop a crush on the character Sean. Reading about crushes with my daughter made me think about a couple of things. 1. I want her to stay young forever. Boys make me nervous. […]

January 19

Ten 2016 Books That I Think Are Pretty Great by Colby Sharp

I cannot believe that it has already been more than a week since the American Library Association handed out the Cadecott and Newbery Medals. Time flies. The awards announcement are a good bridge to book for the new year. I’m excited to share with you today 10 books that I think are going to help […]

October 22

The Yarn: Bonus Episode by Colby Sharp

Travis Jonker and I created a podcast over the summer that looked at one book from many angles. One of the reasons we decided to take a closer look at Jennifer and Matthew Holm’s Sunny Side Up was because we wanted to learn about, and celebrate, all of the people that play a role in […]

May 15

Nerd Camp Junior 1.0

Last year Nerdy Book Club members threw the first annual Nerd Camp. Nerd Camp followed the Ed Camp unconference model. We just added a literacy twist. This year we are adding Nerd Camp Junior. Nerd Camp Junior is an opportunity for kids to spend an evening with 9 award winning authors and illustrators learning about […]

Nerdy Book Club Session at NCTE

This afternoon, there will be a session entitled Relevance, Relationships, and Reading Lives: Fostering Reading Engagement in All Readers. Whether you’re in Boston for NCTE with the potential to join us or if you’re at home and wondering what you’re missing, we thought that Nerdy Book Club readers might appreciate a peek at what we […]

First Read Aloud Pictures by Colby Sharp

Many Nerdy Book Club members are teachers and librarians that are getting ready to, or have already headed back to school. If they are anything like me, the first book they read aloud to students is something that they think about for most of the summer. Maybe they read the same book every year, maybe […]

Babymouse For President Contest Winners by Colby Sharp

About a month ago we at Nerdy Book Club asked for your picture and we could not be happier with the response. After pouring over the entries for hours, our judges have each selected a winning photograph. Nerdy Book Club will be mailing each winner a copy of Babymouse For President which will be in […]

Top 10 Reading Events in My 4th Grade Classroom (As Chosen By My Readers)

I believe in independent reading. I believe in high quality mini-lessons. I believe in reading aloud. Reading a ton of self-selected books every single day, coupled with high quality mini-lessons and read alouds make for a pretty rocking reading environment. I also want to provide my readers with reading events. Events, centered around reading, that […]

Results to Laurel Snyder’s Chapter Book Survey

During the month of April, 904 young Nerdy Book Club readers from all over the country took Laurel Snyder’s Chapter Book Survey. On Monday, during a three-way Skype, Mr. Sharp’s fourth graders and Mr. Schu’s first graders shared the results with Ms. Snyder.   Nerdy Book Club is excited to share the results with you today.   A sample of student […]

Smoky The Cowhorse (#nerdbery)

In mid-December teacher-librarian Mr. Schu asked me if I’d be interested in reading every Newbery Medal winning book with him. I thought he was nuts. After a few direct messages (Twitter), text messages, and emails later I decided to go for it. The last thing that I wanted was to feel left out. One of […]