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How I Love Libraries! by Cynthia Alaniz

Just before I wrote this post, I listened to the audio version of A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park. I got so lost in this beautiful story that before I realized it, a significant amount of time had passed. I’d journeyed through a really great book– so well crafted (winner of the Newbery in […]

How I Choose a Read-Aloud by Cynthia Alaniz

Choosing read-alouds has never been easy for me. So, for several years, I read from the same titles, confident that my choices were perfect. After all, the class the year before had loved them! In their book, Day-to-Day Assessment in the Reading Workshop (2003), Franki Sibberson and Karen Szymusiak share their thinking on read-alouds and […]

Take the Next Step! by Cynthia Alaniz

Do you ever have an idea for something, but then dismiss it because it’s a little scary? You toss it out, and talk yourself out of it.  But then the idea keeps coming back to you again and again, and then you just decide maybe it’s worth trying. That’s how my faculty book club started. […]

Books Are Magic

Books are—quite simply—magic. In my own life, books have certainly had transformative power. The very act of reading and choosing books over other options has kept me from taking one life course, and instead, taking another: a very ordinary, we’ve-always-lived-this way-life—OR—a life of possibility and beauty. A life of new ideas all around you!—OR—a life […]

Blueprint in a Book

As a child, I don’t recall ever seeing either of my parents read a book. Neither of them shared a favorite title or took me to the bookstore. The only books in our home were the ones I supplied myself, my temporary treasures from libraries carted home with pleasure in hands that could barely carry […]

A Nest for Celeste by Henry Cole

TITLE: A Nest for Celeste: A Story About Art, Inspiration, and the Meaning of Home AUTHOR: Henry Cole PUBLISHER: Katherine Tegen Books (An Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers) PUBLISHED: March 1, 2010 NUMBER OF PAGES: 342 a On our way to a bowl game in California last week, I should have been thinking about my […]