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September 28

The Magic of That Book by Cynthia Lord

As an author, there are moments I’ll remember forever. One such moment for me happened at a small elementary school in Massachusetts. I was doing a school visit, presenting one of my novels to a fifth-grade class. At the end of the program, I showed a slide with all my book covers. A boy in […]

August 18

The Power of Choice by Cynthia Lord

When I was a child, my mother gave me two of the greatest gifts a reader can receive: access to books and choice. Though not a reader herself, my mother always let me buy three books from the Scholastic Book Club flyers when my teacher sent them home. I would pour over those whispery pages, […]

March 04

The Warmth of a Shared Experience by Cynthia Lord

When I do a school visit, teachers will sometimes confess to me that they cried while reading one of my novels aloud to their students. They’re often embarrassed, but I always say, “Oh, no. Please don’t feel that way. You may have changed a child’s life in that moment.”   That’s exactly what happened to […]