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August 31

Weathering the Storm Together by Dan Yaccarino

Across all boundaries of geography and politics, the COVID-19 Pandemic has changed how we live. No doubt it has profoundly affected you and your loved ones. As a children’s book creator, I wanted to dream up a story that would somehow express this very difficult experience we were all going through, with little preparation. We’ve […]

Ame + Dan

Today on the Nerdy Book Blog, we have the author and illustrator of BOY + BOT:  Ame Dyckman and Dan Yaccarino.  One is a brand-new newbie.  The other is a seasoned pro.  Let’s hear from the pro first. AME:  Hi, everybody! DAN:  Um, Ame?  The Announcer Guy said that the pro goes first. AME:  But, […]