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January 16

Top Ten Ways to Match Books to Readers by Dana Johansen and Maureen Mooney Corbo

A child comes up to you, hope in her eyes. She asks the one single question that has the power to strike simultaneous excitement and fear in a teacher, parent, or librarian- “Can you recommend a good book for me?”   We know our students, children, and the books we have on the bookshelves. So […]

October 23

Building a Reader with Minecraft by Dana Johansen

I could barely sleep the night before. I couldn’t wait to be back in my classroom! It was August and school was about to begin. However, when I went into my classroom there was a lonely feeling in the space that caught me off guard. I put my keys down on the counter and began […]

August 29

The Magic of Letter Writing by Dana Johansen

Letters from authors are magical. “Choose an author you’d like to write to,” I remember my third grade teacher, Mrs. Szuba, saying to our class. I knew instantly which author I’d choose- Beverly Cleary. I adored all things Ramona and Beezus. I couldn’t wait to tell Mrs. Cleary about my love for her characters and […]