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September 25

A MIND IN THE GUTTER by Deborah Freedman

I’m obsessed with books. Obviously. I’m in the club, after all, and isn’t an obsession with books our only membership requirement?   I do read eBooks, but like so many members of our tribe, my husband and I also have actual books in every room of our house, piles of them, as though they have […]

April 12

Once Upon a Time by Deborah Freedman

Deborah Freedman is the author and illustrator of several books for children, including BLUE CHICKEN and THE STORY OF FISH & SNAIL. Her newest book is BY MOUSE & FROG, the story of two young writers who also like to read… a lot. You can learn more about Deborah at DEBORAH FREEDMAN author & illustrator. You […]

Whose Words Are Those? by Deborah Freedman

While we were away, Celeste and I were engaged to be married.   I told you once, I told you twice, it’s Harry! It’s Harry! It’s Harry! He was a BAD HAT.   Whose words are those?   My “nightie” from childhood frayed to nothing long ago, and Lionie, my misfit of a stuffed lion […]